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Reasons Why You Should Own a Gun; Home Protection & Self Defense, Recreational Shooting, Law Enforcement & Military Careers & More

Why you SHOULD own a gun. This topic is a sensitive one, and currently a popular argument. Both sides of the spectrum have valid points as well as pros and cons. But what it boils down to, is the freedom to own a firearm or not to own one. The beauty about this country is the freedoms it has to offer. With every choice comes a consequence; it could be negative or positive. But no matter how you want to argue the topic, there will always be opposition in all things. Good people, bad people, light and dark, well, you get the idea.

Shooting Range Industries would like to relate the “whys of gun ownership”, but remember; ultimately it is your choice.

1. Recreational Shooting. Not everyone who owns a gun desires to have it in order to take a human beings life. Some folks are drawn to the sporting, competitive activities, including skeet shooting, competitions, or hunting. When utilizing a gun for these events, it becomes a necessary tool or accessory in the recreation that appeals to you. You are getting the health benefits that include in participating and improving your skills and talents. Owning a specific gun or various guns contribute to the field you are engaging in and are necessary to have to be included in such activities.
2. Shooting in Career. Police officers, military personal, branches of law enforcement agencies and security personnel are all examples of professionals who are in need of firearms. When brave and courageous folks choose this particular line of work, they are often put in circumstance with people of cruel intent on the professionals themselves or innocent civilians. Owning a gun to protect themselves and the citizens is crucial, even if the scrupulous sort use an alternative means of inflicting torture, pain, and/or death.
3. Firearm Protection. We are sure you knew this one was coming. If someone who has the intentions of causing you or a loved one harm in any fashion, no matter their weapon of choice, folks have every right to own a firearm to safeguard them, their loved ones, their homes, or the innocent. The media does a well enough job only reporting the stories in which malicious acts were victorious with the use of a gun, or accidental injury or fatalities was centered around a firearm, but statistically speaking, there are more incidents to where a law abiding citizen was able to deflect tragedy with the use of their weapon.
4. Government Restraint. Our founding fathers knew that governments could have the power to control the citizens if there were no way the citizens have the firepower to protect themselves. They knew that government officials could easily be influenced through greed and power, and insisted the constitution include the very right for American citizens to bear arms. There are countless examples throughout history around the world, where vicious dictators and high members of government overseers stripped their people of weapons, and pushed them into weakened states to intimidate and control the people to their whims. Keeping our government in check can protect future generations from tyranny.

Custom Shooting Ranges & Equipment to Practice Firearms Training

We are not proclaiming that everyone should get a gun. We are simply advocating the freedom to choose. You should only own a firearm if you are comfortable with them, are disciplined in safety protocols and within your state and federal laws. For those that choose to own a gun, it is with good interest that you practice using it. Dry firing, shooting range practices, classes and other sources to become familiar and proficient are recommended. Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information about our custom modular shooting ranges today!

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