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Reasons You Should Own a Gun; Protection, Government Restraint, Recreation, Career & More

Though there is plenty of controversy over whether or not people should own a gun, there are both sides that have valid points along with some advantages and disadvantages. However, at this time it boils down to the freedom to choose to lawfully own a firearm. With every choice comes a consequence, it could be negative or positive. No matter which argument you present, you will always find opposition. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to list the reasons as to why you should invest legally in a gun because at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Why You Should Own a Gun

1) Recreation. In order to take a human beings’ life is not the desire for those who wants the enjoyment of owning a gun. Many people are attracted to the precision and discipline of shooting in such recreational activities such as sporting events, competitive activities, such as skeet shooting for example, competitions, or hunting. It becomes a necessary tool or accessory in the recreation that appeals to you. Participating in such activities requires owning a weapon and offers health benefits as you improve your skills and talents.
2) Career. Law enforcement agencies, military personal, and security personnel are primary examples of professionals who are in need of firearms. When brave and courageous citizens chose this field of work, they will frequently find themselves in circumstances with people of cruel intent on the professionals themselves or innocent civilians. Even if the evil intended uses alternative methods of inflicting torture, pain, and/or death besides a gun, career professionals must wield a gun to protect themselves and the citizens.
3) Protection. No matter their weapon of choice, should someone have the intentions of causing you or a loved one harm in any fashion, people have the right to defend themselves with the means they feel necessary and to protect their loved ones. Statistically speaking, there are more incidents to where a law abiding citizen was able to deflect tragedy with the use of their weapon than what the media cares to show the public, especially where they prefer to report on the stories in which malicious acts were victorious with the use of a gun, or accidental injury or fatalities was centered around a firearm for their own political agendas.
4) Government Restraint. If there were no way the citizens have the firepower to protect themselves, governments would have the power to control the citizens and our Founding Fathers knew this as they have witnessed it. They insisted the constitution include the very right for American citizens to bear arms as they could see the potential in the government officials easily being influenced through greed and power. There are countless examples throughout history around the world where the government overseers stripped their people of weapons and pushed them into weakened states to intimidate and control the people to their whims. Future generations can be protected from tyranny by avoiding giving the government too much power.

Custom Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

Keep in mind that we are preaching that everyone should own a firearm, we simply advocate the right to make a choice. State and federal laws should always be abided by and people should only own a firearm if you are comfortable them. If you choose to own a weapon, be sure to continually use and it be comfortable with. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges for practice and training.

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