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Rifle Shooting Tips; Ensure Gun Barrel is Clean, Inspect Scope, Practice at Range & More

Improving your rifle shooting is mostly about executing form and shooting techniques with frequency and repetitive practice. Improving your rifle shooting can be done in a number of ways. Today, however, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share a few ideas to help you improve your rifle shooting.

How to Improve Rifle Shooting

1) Ensure the gun barrel is clean. With a back-and-forth scrubbing motion, use a cleaning rod and jag to push a solvent-soaked patch through the barrel. Let the solvent do its job for about 5 minutes, then following up with a clean patch to swab the barrel. Push all the way through the barrel and pull it back out with a saturated a bronze brush with solvent. Repeat this step for 10 in-and-out cycles. Work a dry patch through the barrel, witch the cleaning jag, and flip the patch over and run it through again. Repeat after you flip the patch over. Until it comes out clean, repeat with a clean saturated patch. Repeat with the bronze brush, followed by patches if it is not coming out clean. Conclude with a dry patch followed by a patch dampened with rust preventative. To assure it is not dinged or scratched, pay particular attention and care to the crown as they can throw bullets off course.
2) Inspect scope mount and rings. Ensure all mount screws are very tight and ring screws are also tight. Tightening them sequentially in turn, one side then the other, a turn or so at a time as you apply pressure evenly to all screws.
3) Practice on the shooting range. You hear it all the time and you will continue to hear it because it works. If you cannot make it to the firing range, practice dry firing in your home. Make certain the weapon is unloaded and check and recheck. When dry firing, select a spot on an opposite wall. For example, an animal on a calendar, to offer a better target. Doing this exercise daily is not too often; squeeze off five or so shots/clicks from different positions, such as in the sitting, standing, prone, and kneeling position. Be sure to work on breathing and stance as you follow through the sight on target through the click with no flinching.
4) Practice follow up shots: After practicing making that first shot count, be sure to incorporate the second-shot. Load three cartridges and, from a hunting position, take your time to execute a perfect 1st shot and give yourself, at most, five seconds to get back on target, shoot again, then again while at the shooting range. For hunting strategies, you should make it a habit to automatically cycle in another round and be ready for a follow-up shot.
5) Stay in shape: You do not want to gasp for breath at the top of the hill with the deer standing 100 yards away. It is important that you are in good physical shape. Hunting and other rifle competitions will often work muscles you do not use on a daily basis. Build on endurance and do not neglect strengthening your body, especially your neck, shoulders and arms.

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