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Rifle Shooting Tips; How to Shoot a Rifle Properly & Accurately When Standing, Long Range & More

Deciding to take up shooting of firearms can be incorporated in a career, competitive sports, or recreational use. Many people enjoy hitting the fire range to relieve stress and increase their skills no matter where it applies. When deciding to upgrade from handguns to rifles, there are a few things to consider. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to offer some tips and advice to the beginner rifle shooters.

How to Hold a Rifle Steady & Shoot Accurately

1) Prone Position. Of the most accurate positions to shoot a rifle, the prone position is one of the first positions hone your skills in. The idea is to get as low to the ground as possible; spread your legs apart to a comfortable position, point your toes outboard, and allow your ankles to lie as flat on the ground as possible. This position is of the most accurate positions to be in and allows for easy learning for firing a rifle and will help improve you overall rifle shooting skills.
2) Rotate your Positions. It is okay to revert back to a position that is simpler for you and with better aiming results if you find that different positions are giving you harder time on the range. There are several positions generally used when firing a rifle. Standing, kneeling, seated, prone or on the bench.
3) Targets. For a beginner, don’t immediately turn to definite on the targets. Avoid using the paper targets down range if the range you are practicing at allows other target choices. Paper targets have difficulty showing the results of your aim. Not only will have more satisfaction when you’re the impact of the round hit your target, but you better visualize your progress with metal targets.
4) Aim with Both Eyes. Beginner rifle shooters often attempt their aim with one eye closed.
Not only is it a poor habit to form, but it hinders your vision. With both eye open your vision is optimal and you can focus better.
5) Relax and Calm. Shooting your rifle in a relaxed and calm state will increase accuracy, where feelings of stress and tight form hinder your abilities. If you do not feel calm, try taking a few deep breaths and relax, you will often see instant improvement.
6) Natural Point of Aim. It is best not “over-aim” for the best precision. Lining up your aim on the target taking the natural aim is more precise than when the individual is making too many adjustments. Naturally raise the rifle to the target and think the rifle and the shooter as one unit as opposed to putting your mind completely in your weapon.
7) Follow Through. New shooters may be startled by the loud shots, which make them uncomfortable. Because of this, the reaction time can turn a great shot into an okay shot. Initially, beginners don’t understand the concept of “follow through” but once you understand, your skills will dramatically improve. Follow through may slow down your shooting technique some, but once you have it, you speed will increase. Wait for perfect breathing patterns, squeezing the trigger as opposed to pulling it and continue to keep aim with the target until the shot is finished.

Custom Shooting Range Design & Manufacture

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