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Safe Gun Ownership Basics 101; Cleaning & Storing Firearms, Shooting Proficiency & More

Owning a gun is a privilege most Americans have. Like most privileges, they can be taken away as a consequence to poor decisions. But when you choose to own a firearm lawfully, there is more than going through the proper protocols of getting it. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to cover the basics of owning a gun.

Gun Safety Tips

Safety is the number attribute to owning a weapon. Whether you are using it on the range, carrying concealed, transporting it, or even storing it while at home, keeping you and others safe is paramount. Whether you invest in a firearm for recreational purposes, for your career path, or for protection, your responsibility to safety remains the same. When using it to keep you and others safe, the last thing you want is it for be in the hands of unauthorized users. Having a child find the weapon and accidentally hurt others or themselves is nothing anybody wants, and the last thing you want is having your own weapon turned against you if someone invades your home. Keeping the gun in a safe where you, and only you can access it, with a fingerprint lock or access code can keep it contained from unauthorized users. Practicing basic gun safety on the gun range, during transportation and on the streets are also extremely important. If you are unfamiliar with the safety aspects, a range officer can explain them, and it would be beneficial to take beginner gun classes where they instill the safety aspects in you.

Cleaning a Firearm

The gun can damage or cause malfunctions during use if neglected. The weapon should be cleaned after every time you have fired it, whether if it was on the range, at a competition, hunting trip, and so on. Additionally, guns need to be cleaned periodically even if they are not used as the oils can gum up over time as well. Getting in the habit of keeping your gun cleaned is in your better interest as a gun owner. Cleaning your gun regularly will also familiarize you with all of the components of the gun which will help you combat malfunctions as well.

Shooting Proficiency

Knowing how to use your firearm is another basic element. You do no one any good by being incompetent with firing your weapon. Spending as much time as you can on the shooting range will improve skills every time. Taking beginner classes to understand the basics of proper gripping, stance, alignment, and other fundamentals so you know what to practice on the range is also ideal. Even seasoned shooters should take a refresher course to break bad habits as well.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Law Enforcement, Military & Civilians

When you do not have the ammo or time to live fire on the shooting range, dry fire or shooting with an air gun replica at home can continue to improve your skills. Staying on top of your training is essential to using your weapon in any application. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges on your property for a convenient place to practice and train to improve your shooting skills.

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