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Self Defense Handgun Training. Shooting Range Industries Based in Las Vegas NV Designs & Manufactures Custom Portable Target Ranges for Firearms Practice & Training

It sure is some scary times we are living in. So many hate crimes and stories of people using violence to achieve their goals is constantly in the news. Reports are being shared like wildfire about people needing to defend themselves against evil doers. These stories are on social media networks or well as major news outlets. Where the politicians want to pretend like seizing guns from law abiding citizens will cure these crimes, we the people know better. Being prepared to protect yourself, loved ones, your home (and anyone else around you at the time) may just depend on your knowledge and skills of using a firearm.

Shooting Range Industries would like to express the benefits of owning a firearm to protect your home and being licensed to carry in public.

Home Defense Security & Protection

With home protection there a few options. Handguns or even shotguns are sufficient if you have a home invader breaking in to hurt you or a loved one. Obviously if you can avoid taking a life that is always optimal. If you have more than yourself living in your home, it is important that you get to your little ones immediatly. Practice code words so the children know where to go in this instance, or you get to your children at the first sign of a break in. Be sure to arm yourself and get to their room and stay together. Lock the door, and be quiet as possible. Call 911 for assistance. Hopefully the intruder has only a quick score in mind and will not rummage through your home for long. If they try to force themselves into the room you are hiding in; put your children under the bed or in a closet. Announce to the intruder in plural tense, that you have called the police and they are arriving quickly. If they continue, announce in plural tense again, that you are armed and will shoot. If they persist, fire a warning shot. If they still push forward, be prepared to fire rounds at the perpetrator. If you chose to arm yourself be sure to know the gun laws in your state and follow them accordingly.

Laws for Concealed Carry Pistols

There are more and more public shootings attacking the masses than ever before. Those carrying concealed handguns have the potential to protect the unarmed. There have been many stories of concealed weapons holders diffusing a situation before innocent lives are lost. There is merit in carrying concealed. Always make sure it is according to the local laws.

Here is a link to some stories of proven gun defense.

Shooting Range Industries Based in Las Vegas Nevada are Designers & Manufacturers of Custom Portable Container, Modular Mobile Shooting Target Ranges for Firearms Practice & Training

If you choose to use firearms for your protection and the protection of others, becoming comfortable and acquainted with your weapon is a must. Practice taking your weapon apart and cleaning it, and then putting it back together again. Hit the shooting range often! Being able to practice precision, stance and firing tactics will make you better prepared if you are ever encountered with the need to use it. Always practice good safety on the range and at home. Keep firearms safely stored and away from inexperienced hands.

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