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Shooting Accuracy; Rifle & Shotgun Sight Alignment, Pistol Handgun Trigger Control & Practice at Custom Shooting Ranges

First time shooters soon discover that after purchasing their very first handgun, that shooting accurately is not as easy as movies and television make it appear to be. Hitting a target center mass is a lot harder than it looks and requires a great deal of practice, familiarity with your weapon and patience. Often times new shooters become extremely aggravated their first time out to the gun range and cannot understand why they are not even hitting the paper when they seem to be pointing their gun directly at the target. There is a great deal more to accurate marksmanship than just simply pulling the trigger.

Rifle & Shotgun Sight Alignment

One of the most important aspects of shooting accurately depends on your firearms sight alignment. Sight alignment is the relationship between your firearms front sight and rear sight. When it comes to aligning your handguns sights properly, you must confirm that the top of the front sight is level with the top of the rear sight. This will guarantee proper elevation and you will be able to determine whether or not your aim is a little too high or slightly low. Obviously it is also important to make sure your sights are aligned horizontally as well.

Pistol Handgun Trigger Control

One of the most common errors sighted when shooting a handgun is trigger control. Trigger control refers to the speed at which you press your finger against your firearms trigger and any type of movement that goes along with that action. Trigger control is hugely important and can determine a shot that will hit your target or one that will barely scrape the edge. Two of the most common trigger control problems are when a shooter is anticipating their handgun’s recoil, which usually results in the trigger being jerked rather than squeezed, and failing to move the trigger finger independently of the rest of the hand.

Shooting Practice at the Range

Accurate and consistent target shooting requires a great deal of practice and observation. Do not feel like an inadequate shooter when asking for advice. Experienced shooters are usually more than happy to answer questions that will improve your accuracy and skill. Remember that the more your fire your handgun, the more familiar you will become in using it, making your accuracy improve and only get better each time you go to the range. The shooting range is the best place to sharpen up your skills and become an expert marksman. Contact Shooting Range Industries today to get a shooting range of your own and maximize your shooting skills.

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