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Shooting at a Moving Target in Our Custom Range with Milo Range Simulator; Seeing, Reacting & Following Through

If you are an avid shooter or you are new to the game, target practice is a great way to gain more control and expertise. This is true no matter how often you shoot or for how long you have been shooting. To be the best you have to practice no matter what you want to be good at. One level of shooting is to go to a range and to aim at a target that has been sent down range. The target is affixed to a position and allows you all the time in the world to take aim and shoot. The next level that you want to better yourself at is a moving target. You might not realize why you want to have just as good of aim at a moving target as you do for a standing target but there are lots of reasons. The main one is that if you are hunting any type of game or bird at all you need to take a shot while they are moving the majority of the time. There are some tips and tricks that you can follow when you start to better your aim at moving targets. Shooting Range Industries offers helpful tips for aiming and shooting at a moving target.

See The Target

The first thing you need to do is to see the actual target. This seems to be common sense but many people make mistakes with this first step. If you are trying to shoot at skeet or a bird you don’t want to aim at where the bird might be but where the bird will be coming from. This means that you get the best sight of the target and you get it early on. Seeing the target means you need to start where the target will be coming from.

React to the Target

Now that you see the target where it has come from you need to be able to react to the target. The target is not going to come up and stop in the air so that you can take your shot. You need to react and there are a few things that you can do. You can determine the path of the target in about .2 seconds. Then you want to make sure that you swing to the target. You want to also make sure that you take a lead as well. You can use the sustained lead that is only good on a very predictable target such as skeet thrown. You can do a swing through that means you start behind the target and move through it to get the lead that you want. There are other leads that you can use that are common in shotgun sports as well.

Follow Through

This is a term that is used in many sports. You will hear a basketball coach tell the kids to follow through with the shot, a baseball coach will tell you to follow through with a swing and the same when shooting at a moving target. The lead that you take should be continued even after you have taken the shot. This is the best way to have an accurate and consistent shot each time.

Custom Shooting Ranges With Milo Range Simulators

Shooting Range Industries can make sure that you have the best experience with your custom shooting range with a milo simulator for safe and realistic live fire training. Our shooting ranges are designed and constructed by our knowledgeable and experienced staff here in Las Vegas, Nevada and made in the USA. Call us today to talk with our experts.

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