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Shooting Competition Overview – Part 1; High Power Rifle, Action Pistol, Silhouette & More

There are various competitive shooting sports. The following is a quick overview of these sports.

High Power Rifle Competition (NRA Sponsored)

Service Rifle: Limited to United States service rifles. The M1 Garand in either 30-06 or 308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO, M14/M1A in the 7.62mm NATO/308 Win and the AR15/M16 in 5.56mm NATO/223 Remington. Shot in near stock configuration with iron sights.
• High Power matches are usually shot with heavy barreled, special stocks and five round magazines. These are match grade weapons with precision rear and front iron sights. Usually bolt action.

NRA Action Pistol Competition

This competition is based on speed and accuracy. You change positions but are fired from static a position, i.e. non-moving. You need four basic pieces of equipment:
• Pistol or Revolver of your choice
• Holster and Belt
• Magazines for the auto-pistol shooter, speed loaders for revolver shooters.
• Magazine or speed loader carriers.

Action pistol Has Three Divisions

– Open allows the use of electronic sights, wings for barricade shooting and you can use an open holster.
– The metallic division no optics or electronics, iron sights only. Open face holsters are ok but no barricade wings.
– The production division is ‘out of the box’ shooting. Limited to factory iron sights, a standard top draw holster and a 3.5 lb trigger pull. Open and metallic allow 2 lb trigger pulls. Revolvers are allowed to shoot double-action only.

NRA Conventional Pistol Competition

This competition uses a three gun aggregate using a 22 rimfire, centerfire and 45 pistols. You can use a 45 auto to shoot the centerfire stage, so to shoot the entire aggregate course you can get by with two guns, but you can always use the centerfire course to justify another shooter, if you want. Optical (scopes) and electronic sights are optional, but no lasers are allowed. Beginners should use iron sights concentrating on mastering the fundamentals of sight alignment, before adding the exotic sights to be a true competitor.

Pistol & Rifle Silhouette Shooting Competition

Silhouette Competition is an import from our neighbors to the south. It was very popular in Mexico and migrated north. One of the most popular shooting sports, silhouette shooting is fun and challenging. With classes from 22 rimfire to large caliber pistols and rifles it can be extremely addictive. Highpower silhouette rifles are no smaller than 6mm, however to score you have to knock over a steel target cut in the silhouette of some game animal. The 6mm are accurate and you can score a hit, but not knock the target over. 30 caliber or larger is the name of the game here, and usually are shot with a 20 power scopes.

Silhouette Shooting Competition Classes

There are classes that include high power rifle, black powder cartridge limited to pre-1896 designed rifles with an exposed hammer and iron sights, high power pistol and small bore freestyles. Some ranges over competition classes limited to older bolt action military rifles, domestic or foreign. Pistols are conventional allowing only limited modifications and unlimited with the only rules of barrel length of 15” or less and a 8 lb weight limit. The Hunter class is limited to 12 inch barrels and 5 lbs weight with scope and iron sights allowed. There are even classes for air rifles being Open with a 16 lb limit, Target Rifle is any unaltered air gun, and the Sporter Air Rifle limited to 11 lbs and unaltered gun. Anything up to and including 22 caliber can be used. Lots of fun and economical.

Informal Shooting Competitions

More informal competitions include bowling pin and falling plate. Round plates on a hinges support are knocked over for a score. Properly designed falling plates require near perfect center line hits to be knocked over. 357 magnums are on the low side for these matches. In bowing pin matches the pins have to be knocked down not just hit. Iron sights are used as these are handgun matches and some are shot on indoor ranges.

Custom High Tech Portable Modular Shooting Ranges for Firearm Practice & Training

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