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SRI Ready Range® with MILO Live Fire Simulation System Offers the Best Law Enforcement Firearms Training Solutions

Gun ranges have come a long way from using paper targets! Police officers and other law enforcement agencies can now practice their shooting skills in real life settings that will better prepare them for the reality that is waiting for them out in the real world. Shooting Range Industries provides law enforcement with the latest and most effective simulation training in the most elite gun ranges available in the world. Shooting Range Industries MILO Simulation System offers Live Fire Judgmental Training. This is the best way to prepare and improve the skill and judgment of law enforcement officers.

Live Fire Simulation Systems Help Reduce Wrongful, Accidental Shootings

More often than not the news feed includes some type of accidental shooting that a law enforcement officer was involved in. Unfortunately, accidental shootings so occur, police officers and other law enforcement are faced with situations that they cannot easily be prepared for. Shooting Range Industries will better prepare your officers for the unknown and unexpected and include training that requires fast and rapid decision making skills. Law enforcement officers are required to make split second life and death decisions and the training that your officers will receive from a Shooting Range Industries simulation system is unmatched compared to any other type of training. Officers will be prepared and better trained to make the decision of whether to shoot or not to shoot and help reduce accidental shootings.

Variety of Scenarios and Environments for Law Enforcement Training

Going to the range and firing round after round can sometimes become monotonous and leave a law enforcement officer feeling bored or unchallenged when it comes to sharpening up on their shooting skills. While hitting a target center mass is a great feeling and proves an excellent shot, how much more gratifying is a moving target, or a target that simulates a real life scenario that the officer may experience the very next day while out on patrol?

Ready Range Design with Milo Simulation System, Custom Range Equipment & Shooting Range Accessories Offer Law Enforcement Live Fire Training Solutions

Shooting Range Industries provides law enforcement with a variety of simulations that will improve draw time, target accuracy and quick decision making. Another wonderful attribute of the Live Fire simulation is that it allows officers to make verbal directives with action capture playback video so they can evaluate their performance and find ways they can improve. Freeze frame playback will show shot by shot hits so law enforcement officers can analyse and evaluate their shooting performance. Contact Shooting Range Industries today to improve the training of your law enforcement officers and have them better prepared for active duty.

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