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Shooting On the Move Tips, Drills & Techniques; Proper Shooting Stances While Moving & Realistic Range Training Solutions

Going to the range and firing off rounds into a paper target is a great way to improve your accuracy, but have you ever considered how accurate your shot would be if you were moving while shooting? Think of real life scenarios that would require you to use your firearm. If someone breaks into your home do you think you would stand in a stationary position while firing off rounds, probably not, and if the criminal in your home also is armed, then it is most likely that they will be moving as well. Think about any police shoot out video you have ever seen. The police officers are normally always moving, as well as the threat. When being shot at, you will move one way or another. Sometimes you won’t even realize that you are moving. It is just your body’s natural way of avoiding getting hit by a projectile that is traveling at 900-2600 feet per second.

Weight Distribution Stances Will Improve Accuracy While Shooting On the Move

One way to improve your accuracy while shooting on the move is to redistribute your weight. The most important part of shooting on the move is keeping your upper body as still as possible. You want your upper extremities to be undisturbed and let your lower body do all of the work. This can all be accomplished by concentrating on the movement of our knees and feet. While shooting on the move, you should slightly bend your knees, similar to if you were surfing or skateboarding, it should be comfortable and you should be able to stay in this position for a long period of time. You should be able to walk naturally too while your knees are slightly bent. This will take a great deal of movement away from your upper body so you can shoot more accurately while on the move.

Stay Flexible While Shooting On the Move

Staying flexible while shooting on the move is another way to keep your accuracy steady and consistent. Concentrate on bending your elbows and avoid being rigid and tense, that will not work well while shooting on the move. It is important to stay loose and allow your joints to absorb the vibration so as to allow your weapon to almost seem like it is floating in front of you. If you are moving and your weapon is doing a lot of sharp dips, then the problem is that you are not loose enough, most of the time concentrating on elbows loose and knees bent will fix the problem.

Custom Milo Shooting Ranges With Realistic Training Scenarios & A Library of CGI Firearms Exercise Drills

The best way to improve your accuracy and become more comfortable while shooting on the move is to participate in realistic training. There are many courses you can sign up for that will train you on how to properly shoot while on the move. These courses will put you through very realistic situations and force you to fire your weapon while moving your body. Practice will only make you a better and more accurate shooter. For more information on ways to improve your accuracy, contact Shooting Range Industries today. We offer Milo Ranges with realistic changing training scenarios.

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