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Shooting Outdoors or in an Indoor Range? How Often Should You Clean Your Guns & What Happens If You Don’t?

Shooting mean many different things to many people. Some practice it in their professional career such as police officers, security guards and military personnel. There are others that shoot a firearm as a way of life to hunt for food to feed their family or as a source of income. Others use shooting firearms as a way to keep their home, property and family safe from potential dangers and still others view shooting as an enjoyable and rewarding hobby or sport. Using a firearm should only take place after you have been trained and completed a safety class or learned more about using a firearm safely. The best way to learn more about your weapon and how to shoot it is to go to an indoor range to practice as often as possible. You also need to care for your weapons and that means clean them whenever necessary.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Factors to Consider When Deciding How Often to Clean Your Firearms

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Gun?: The main thing you need to consider is that when you purchase a firearm, it is not going to be cheap. They are often times pricey and can take a chunk out of your wallet. Just like any investment you need to care of your firearm to ensure it will last. When the gun fires there is a small flame that ignites and causes the gunpowder to light. When there is any kind of fire there is going to be residue left behind and the same goes for when a firearm is shot. When the bullet travels through the barrel there is going to be some debris left behind by the bullet which is usually lead. As you shoot more and more, the debris will continue to buildup. With all the action that is happening with each shot there is going to be dirt and debris that slowly build up. These are all reasons that a firearm needs to be cleaned.
How Often Should You Clean Your Guns: If you want to keep your weapon clean and firing as accurately as possible, you really want to clean your gun after each time you take it out to shoot. If you are shooting outdoors you are going to have more dust on the gun as opposed to an indoor shooting range which is cleaner and will cause less dirt to buildup in general. Even if you are in a clean environment, the bullets themselves are going to be dirty and that will cause buildup during your shooting session. You can use a gun cleaning kit that will most likely have a clean cloth, gun cleaning solution oil as well as brushes and tools needed to get to each area of the gun itself. You can use these kits or go to a class that teaches the proper technique to clean a gun safely and thoroughly. You want to be sure that you use the items appropriately and in proper amounts to make sure that you don’t damage your gun.

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