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Shooting Proficiency Tips; Real World Tactical Training, Weak Hand Drills, Flashlights & More

If you have a CCW permit and carry on a regular basis it is incumbent on you to be proficient. If you must use your weapon, there will a lot of external second guessing, and you will have to prove your proficiency above and beyond the standards set by permit requirements. Another thing is to maintain a shooting diary of training time. List the date, time and brief description of your activity. If you shoot for scores list the scores and have a range master or manager sign off on the score.

Real World Tactical Training

Since most shooting engagements statistically take place at or under 7 yards or 21 feet you will want to spend most or your time practicing at ten yards and under. Usually 3, 7 and 10 yards. Though there are few ranges that are equipped like a ‘Hogan’s Alley”. These ranges have building facades and rooms with pop-up targets that depict an urban scenario. If you have one near you at least run the course once a year. For most ranges they have turning targets that give only a few seconds exposer before turning edge on.

Weak Hand Shooting Drills

Many close encounters don’t leave much time from the perception of the attack and your response. There may not be enough time to assume a two-handed stance. Practice for up close and personal encounter with a one-hand response. Try to gain some competence with your off or weak hand, that’s left for righthanded shooters. You may receive an injury to your strong-hand leaving your only response and survival to the weak side. Proficiency with weak-hand shooting only occurs with practice.

Flashlight Techniques & Tactics

There are a couple of techniques used by law enforcement and professional security when using a flashlight. The light can be seen at a longer distance than it illuminates for the user. Never, ever hold the flashlight directly in front of your body. That paints a target on your torso. One technique is to cross your weak-hand holding light under your gun hand, using the arm to support the gun hand putting the light that is held like knife. Judicious use of the lights on-off switch is handy and encouraged. The other technique put the light in your weak hand out to your weak side. Both the techniques allow gun control and light so that if the assailant shoots toward the light there is less chance of you being hit. It takes practice but may save your life.

Reloading Ammo Basics

Of course, most of us will spend a lot of time shooting. But reloading exercises should be practiced. These can be done at home and safely with dummy ammo for revolvers and empty magazines for autos. Speed of reloading might prove critical in multiple assailant scenarios. At the range remember to conduct a tactical reload. Tactical reloading is firing a few rounds and then a fresh magazine in a lull in the engagement. Place the partially loaded magazine in a pocket, you may need it. Practice loading in the dark, not all engagement may occur in the daytime. Remember, fine motor control deteriorates during confrontations. You will have to rely on muscle memory in low-light conditions. Low light reloading with speed loaders and a revolver are difficult to master but not impossible. Practice with the lights out.

Develop Situational Awareness

Keeping your head on ‘swivel’ and maintaining eye contact can lessen your chance of conflict and give you situational awareness. Remember there could be more than one assailant, avoid tunnel vision if possible. As you move consider different combat scenarios as this will lower your reaction time to an attack.

Live Fire Ammunition Screens with Realistic Interactive HD Video Scenarios & Virtual Graphics Targets!

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be proficient. A well-documented shooting diary can aid your defense in a legal situation. Showing initiative and consistency in training might help when in court. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges that enable the use of live fire ammunition rounds in conjunction with virtual graphics targets and interactive HD video scenarios. Our live fire screens allow shooter to maximize training for a real world shooting experience by using live ammunition. Contact us to learn more today!

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