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Shooting Range Don’ts; Never Neglect Gun Safety Rules, Don’t Criticize Others & More

Shooting is a fun hobby. Where some go to the firing range for sport, others go to blow off steam or even for their career development. In any case, whether you are new to the range or been going a while, knowing what to avoid can make the experience safer and smoother. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to list a few of them today.

Don’t Neglect Gun Safety Rules

The number one rule is to treat your gun like it is always loaded. Ensure the muzzle is always pointed down range and if you are not aiming at the dark, it needs to point down. Keep the finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. All ranges have their own rules that you should know and practice, always pay attention to the range safety officer and if you are ever unsure, ask.

Don’t Use Custom Ammo at the Range

Bullets are designed for specific weapons. Attempting to fire rounds not made for your particular gun can have serious consequences, likely leading to injury. Always inquire with the range safety officer if you are unsure.

Don’t Leave Behind Brass after You are Done on the Shooting Range

Courtesy of the propellant when you fire your gun, the actual round travels down range, however, the spent casing gets ejected from the port on the side of the gun. Make certain you conduct a sweep after you are done with your session for your spent brass casings unless otherwise instructed not to for the designated staff to take care of. Neglecting the brass can be a safety hazard that leads to injury and accidents.

Don’t Shoot Without Safety Gear

When you are right next to gun fire, it is incredibly loud. The echo enhances the decimal of the shots fired in the enclosed area especially. Without the right ear and eye protection, you can damage your hearing and eyes as the ejected casing can launch towards your eyes. Additionally, because of the ejected casings, it is in your better interests to wear pants and long sleeve shirts. Eye protection can also protect you from muzzle flash, and other hazards. Most ranges of requirements for protection so you should find out before you go to ensure you are properly protected with the right attire and gear.

Don’t Criticize Others at the Shooting Rage

Unless you are paid instructor and you are teaching a student, keep your critiques to yourself. The only time you should voice anything to another patron is if you see dangerous behavior. Address your concerns with the range safety officer. It is never ideal for a shooter to be intimidated or nervous from critiquing. Additionally, talking is frowned upon. People are not attending the range for socializing, they are there to practice marksmanship. Talking to people while they are shooting is a major distraction and can lead to dangerous situations and is better avoided.

Custom Shooting Ranges Designed & Built in the USA

Other things better avoided is disregarding the malfunctions or misfires and avoid focusing on speed. These can lead to harmful results. Take care of the malfunctions and misfired immediately before resuming firing. Also, your focus is accuracy and safety, speed comes later and should not be your focus. Shooting Range Industries designs and manufactures portable custom shooting ranges for your ease and convenience. Contact us to learn more today!

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