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Shooting Range Dress Code; What Outfit & Shoes to Wear that is Considered Proper Attire

Getting your gun cleaned and ready, your ammo packed into the magazines and into your bag, ensuring your shooting glasses are packed along with ear protection and all the essentials, you are ready for your time on the shooting range. But what too many people new to the venue don’t realize is what to wear. Most like to look good when they go into public places, others prefer comfort, but what it boils down to is that the apparel worn on the range should reflect safety. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to share some tips on what you should be wearing to the shooting range.

What Ladies & Men Should Wear to Shoot Firearms

Safety First. Before you pick out the clothing, ensure your safety gear is packed up and ready to go. Ensure it is all functioning efficiently and it is in adequate condition before putting it in your bag and if it is already there, take it out and give it an inspection. The bottom items are the top safety articles that should be worn for your safety on the shooting range.
1) Shooting glasses or eye protection. The more eye protection you have is determined by how much of your eyes are covered. The more they are covered, the less risk. At an indoor range, clear or yellow lenses would be optimal.
2) Ear protection. Guns are harmfully loud. There are a number of options to choose from that include ear plugs to ear muffs that offer different levels of protection. Keep in mind that the more time you spend on the range the more abuse your ears endure and you want to preserve your ears to the extreme.
3) Brimmed hats. Brimmed hats can offer a little more protection from hot cartridges that fly in the air after being ejected.
Some shooting range facilities may offer these items to rent for the day, but having these items missing from your experience, hinders the quality of your experience and puts you at risk of injury.

Additional Gear

Now that the most important elements are mentioned, we will cover the important gear that is recommended. To begin, avoid wearing baggy and excessively loose shirts, sleeves and even pants. It will hinder your ability to handle your firearms efficiently. Stick to wearing, tighter fitting t-shirts that are maneuverable and comfortable. To protect you from any rogue hot shells that may be coming from your firearm, on both indoor and outdoor ranges, wear long plants and long sleeves. Hot cartridges are painful when they hit bear skin. As mentioned, brimmed hats are good way to give your face additional protection and stick to wearing sneakers or boots for better gripping and ensure proper stances for firing. Open toe shoes and sandals are inappropriate and will leave your feet vulnerable to the hot casings and other potential risks.

Custom Shooting Ranges

Just keep in mind what you are going to practice and apply to your shooting and incorporate it to your attire and always consider safety first. Imagine the convenience of a shooting range in your backyard or attached to your home. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges that can be built on your property.

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