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Shooting Range Etiquette; Treat Every Gun as if it were Loaded & Other Firearm Safety Rules & More

It can be a great experience to practice firing your firearm if you never have been to a shooting range. With mental benefits, honing the skills, applying training tactics, and reaping the physical benefits, shooting ranges are remarkable. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to take the opportunity to touch on them, but there is some basic etiquette to utilizing a shooting range.

4 Rules of Gun Safety

The 4 rules of gun safety need to be applied at all times. While participating at the range, it is crucial this is always applied to your activities.
– Treat all guns like they are loaded.
– Never point the muzzle at anything you don’t want destroyed.
– Know what your target is and what is beyond it.
– Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are on the target.

Other Gun Range Etiquette

– Be attentive and follow the Range Officer’s directions. When to cease fire and when it is safe to shoot, they are there to let everyone know. To ensure everyone’s safety, they keep everyone on the same page.
– Do not touch any firearms with a cease fire order. Until it is safe to shoot again, leave the guns alone. During a cease fire, there may be people changing targets or doing other tasks down range. You do not want to be responsible for injuring or causing the death of someone should you are messing your firearm and it discharges accidentally.
– Never distract active shooters. Avoid any kind of physical contact or engage them in chit-chat when someone is actively shooting. You are alerting them to the danger or if you see anyone in any immediate danger is the only exception.
– Only shoot firearms approved by range regulations. Be sure to learn the limitations are of the range. Never presume the range can accommodate your high-powered rifle. To handle the impact of those types of weapons as it is all not equipped. Check before you shoot.
– Avoid directing. It is courtesy to not interfere with the shooting techniques of a fellow shooter since it is not your place to coach or correct. If someone is pointing a firearm at you or doing something dangerous is the only exception. Unless there is not any danger, do not offer any advice or coaching, be sure to use your best judgment.
– Stay away from hovering over peoples’ shoulder. When they are trying to shoot, it can be distracting and particularly for someone to have someone directly behind you. Keep a respectable distance between yourself and the shooter should be observing. Being that it can be a safety hazard, it is distracting and obnoxious when people are too close.
– Do not handle other people’s firearms. Never pickup anyone else’s firearm without asking permission, no matter how tempting, this is unacceptable. Most gun enthusiasts will happily oblige anyone who shows interest in their firearm. Be respectful to their property if they decline. Do a safety check before inspecting the firearm further if they do, however.
– Only fire one gun at a time. At the range you only need to shoot one gun at a time and only keep one gun out on the line at a time since we know Hollywood made looking dual gun firing look flashy.
– Cleanup after you finished. When you are done, it is common courtesy and respectful to clean up. Collect all your brass and everything up you may have around you.

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