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Shooting Range Features; Bullet Traps, Target Retrieval & Safety Control Systems & More

There are basics for having an adequate shooting range when considering a shooting range for professional law enforcers and career military personnel. Being vital to a range includes targets, lanes and safety equipment. But what makes a decent shooting range and what makes an exceptional range? Though there are a few aspects that stand out to us, many shooting professionals have their opinions, though this is a loaded question. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss a few primary elements that can begin to make your shooting range more than the average facility!

Firearm Safety Control Systems

Since humans, even experienced perfectionists, are capable of making mistakes, safety is the obvious priority. In a place that can give them as much safety as possible, shooters need to be able to practice skills, tactics and accuracy. Whether you need such chaperoning is your call, having the basic rules applied should go without saying when dealing with professionals, range officers are there to ensure safety protocols are being enforced in your typical gun ranges.

Target Retrieval System

Even with military and law enforcement, target retrieval devices are ideal in any shooting range. Shooting Range Industries offers quite few options in target retrieval to keep the practitioners safe with the many options to choose from. Retrieval Ends, Target Car and Hangers, Motor Control Boxes, Stainless Steel Cable and Drive Cord, Pre-Constructed Wiring Harness and Switches, as well as Individual Stall Mounted Controls are equipped on all target retrieval systems.

Bullet Traps

Designed for military and law enforcement officers, bullet traps are an added safety feature to have in the shooting range. The shooters are improving their skills in a safer environment with the right bullet traps installed in your shooting range. To improve air quality, lead management, and to better maintain the spent bullets is how the bullet traps are engineered. We have a selection of bullet trap devices that are ideal for your needs with Shooting Range Industries. To enhance the safety efficiency in your shooting range, shooting stalls, HVAC systems, metal fabrication, and ceiling ranges are all important features that continue. We help determine the most optimal solutions for your shooting range with the help of Shooting Range Industries.

Firing Range Space Requirements

The next valuable asset to your shooting range is space following safety precautions. In addition to safety, having sufficient space to conduct drills, scenarios, and shooting protocols is important to the overall training. Ensuring the practice range has the space required to meet your needs, shooting range designs need to be considered with the available space you have to dedicate to a shooting range. We have unique shooting modular that can be used in conjunction with or individually to support the space you have available for your range since Shooting Range Industries cannot only design full size shooting ranges.

Custom Shooting Ranges & Equipment

Tailored to fit the needs of law enforcement and military officers, Shooting Range Industries specializes in designing state of the art shooting ranges. Contact us today to get started on yours!

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