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Shooting Range HVAC Systems Help Prevent Poisoning from Handling & Firing Lead Bullets

Our law enforcement and military are constantly exposed to firearm risks and lead exposure, especially when firing inside an indoor shooting range. Most people are unaware of the danger of lead exposure. This is why it is important that all indoor firing ranges have a well designed HVAC system that will remove the lead from the building. Shooting Range Industries will share a few studies on lead exposure from firearms and why as you are designing an indoor shooting range, you should require a good HVAC system.

Lead Exposure & Poisoning from Handling & Firing Bullets

It is our law enforcement and military’s responsibility to be well trained with their firearms to ensure their own safety and life as well as others. This requires regular practice. Those at risk of lead exposure are those who are using lead bullets. Luckily, lead bullets aren’t the only type of bullets used. It is best to avoid lead rounds due to the threat they pose. About 35% of lead emission is made of lead styphnate and lead dioxide, the high levels of which or long term exposure to can cause health issues. This exposure occurs when a round is being fired. As a round is discharged the bullet itself breaks up into tiny fragments. The tiny fragments come out of the barrel and the ejector which is usually close to the shooter’s face. This is when the shooter is at the most risk of exposure. The next major consideration is how the lead affects the body. If a person has had enough exposure to lead, they can incur levels of lead in their blood. When lead levels in the blood become too high, it can cause high blood pressure and eventually lead poisoning.

Indoor Shooting Range Air Quality

However, this is a problem usually associated with indoor shooting ranges. This is why it is essential all indoor shooting ranges use a good ventilation system. When designing an indoor shooting range there is a lot of components. One is the range HVAC system. As heat and cooling is a major need to make sure the interior stays comfortable the HVAC system must also be designed for optimal ventilation. The HVAC system ventilates the lead. Additionally, the air filters used for gun ranges are far different than a regular residential air filter. The filters used for shooting ranges are much denser, trapping more particles that are released into the air including lead. Range HVAC systems also include a unique set of fans and blowers to help keep the exhaust for the firearms, including lead, away for the shooter to help keep them safer while they are at the range.

Custom Shooting Ranges with Quality HVAC Systems

All indoor shooting range HVAC systems must meet OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA regulations. This ensures the safety of those using the range. Shooting Range Industries provides approved HVAC systems and completely pre-designs our systems in CAD, making sure it is approved for the when the range is being designed and built. Shooting Range Industries is proud to build safe quality ranges for our military and law enforcement service men and women as well as civilians. For perfect range designs and construction, contact Shooting Range Industries.

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