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Shooting Range Industries Reveals the Best Kept Secret Gun Accessories for When you Aren’t Taking your Pistols & Rifles to the Firing Range

Taking your weapon of choice down to the firing range is a great way to blow off some steam, better acquaint yourself with your guns, has great health benefits, and in today’s society; it doesn’t hurt to possess skills to better protect you and other innocent bystanders. But, as with any fun hobby, accessories and toys come along and sometimes you may not even realize that the best accessories are out there, and are a part of an accidental secret.

Shooting Range Industries would like to enlighten you to some accessories that can enhance your shooting experience, skills and storage.

1. Gun Storage Solution – Handgun Hangers: There are a lot of fun inventions that have better improved gun storage quality. On today’s picks, the handgun storage hangers made the cut. Exceptional in gun cabinets, these hangers can better store pistols up to 10 inches long and securely suspend from the underside of 5/8-inch to 1-inch thick shelves. To better protect the gun barrels from scratches and dings, the hangers are vinyl-coated. Hangers will fit barrel bores as small as .22 caliber.
2. Varmint Targets: The next one our list is the varmint targets, perfect for plinking around on the .22 pistols for practice while sacrificing the more expensive ammo. But no one wants to take the time to continually set up targets. With varmint targets, you have a self-contained, bucket-shaped target system that is battery operated to reset an 8-inch by 4-inch yellow target each time the target is knocked down. These handy targets are armored to resists the shots of a .22 at approximately 25 feet away, but for added protection, they are easily buried or surrounded with sandbags. The squirrel silhouette is made of a self healing synthetic material that can take 500-600 rounds of the .22 rounds before they will ever need to be replaced.
3. LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target: Getting your practice consistently makes your skills improve, but it’s not always easy to get to the shooting range. You can still hone in your skills from the comfort of your home going through basics using the laser system and even save some cash on ammo. Install Laserlyte’s laser trainer into the barrel (2-inch or longer) of your UNLOADED .35-.45 caliber handgun. With this handy aid, you can practice dry firing with the handgun while aiming at the bull’s-eye of the TLB-1 target. The LT-PRO laser will flash with each pull of the trigger, scoring hits on the bull’s-eye. The 9.5-inch by 6.5-inch target is small enough to set up almost anywhere you have the desire for a little practice from a variety of locations and positions.

For Custom Design Portable Modular Container Shooting Ranges & Range Equipment Accessories for Convenient Firearm Target Practice & Training, call the Skilled Manufacturers at Shooting Range Industries in Las Vegas Nevada

Those were our top three picks; though there are plenty of other gun accessories out there that can make being a gun owner and avid shooter an even more delightful passion. Shooting Range Industries would like to remind you to follow all proper safety protocols when on the range, storing your weapon and for concealed weapon carries. Contact us for more information on your own custom shooting range!

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