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Shooting Range Preparation; Firearm Multi Tool, Gun Cleaning Kit, Practice Ammo & More

Shooting is a perishable skill. This means that the ability to shoot straight can truly diminish without practice. If you are carrying concealed or open carry, for that matter it is incumbent that you stay on top of your shooting skills. This translates to ‘range time’. Though there are many dry fire exercises that you can accomplish at home, only by the expenditure of live ammo will you be able to hone your skills.

Firearm Multi Tool

Tooling will depend on your weapon of choice. Glocks and 1911’s have disparate and unique needs. You will have to have tools to adjust your sights, replace a spring or to ease the take down of the weapon. Many military rifles only require a loaded cartridge for adjustment or take down. The are many tools that we have reviewed in the past, but the multi-tools for shooters are probably some of the best and very compact.

Gun Cleaning Kit

A good cleaning kit is required. In hunting you will seldom ever need to shoot more than three shots at game. You either connected and done what you set out to do, you’ve wounded the critter need to track it done and finish the deed, or you have missed. Most game will not just hang around to be shot, it’s going evade and escape. No, about three rounds fired close together represent hunting conditions. Clean, let the barrel cool and go again. At the range you may want to clean between 5-10 shot groups, and in all cases, it is best to clean your shooter before leaving the range, especially important for the concealed carry crowd. You never know what is around the next corner, you don’t want to be accused of firing unless you did fire. A clean weapon can clear a lot of confusion. Most law enforcement types clean their guns at the range before leaving. Manage potential misunderstandings if possible.

Practice Ammo

Of course, you’re going to need ammo. Duty ammo is expensive, this is what you carry out on the street. Most of us will stock up on the 200-250 round bulk packs loaded with full metal jacket projectiles. These are quality but cheaper than the exotic hollow-point self defense ammo. Or you can buy the foreign made bulk ammo. Military or former military calibers are cheaper to shoot, like 9mm and .45 ACP. But the cost of .40 S&W has come down as is the .357 Sig. Not generally available in bulk packs full metal jacketed rounds still tend to be a bit more inexpensive than duty ammo.

Hearing Protection for Shooting

Too many Vietnam vets complain of a ringing in their ears. Hearing loss on the range is a fact. Wear something to attenuate the sound. Even the disposable foam plugs do a good job. Guard your hearing and your sight. Safety glasses is a must. Cases fail, firearms fail be safe not sorry.

Gun Range First Aid Kit

Small first aid kit. Dealing with sharp pointy tools working on a spring-loaded device is a recipe for booboos. Some firearms have sharp sides, slipping when adjusting a sight can result in blood spilt. A few band-aids and burn spray will help. After all guns get hot when used, sometimes a burnt body member is the result.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges & Equipment

A couple of rags, magazines or speed-loaders round out your kit and of course the range bag. Shoot often, shoot safe. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges for your practice and training convenience! Contact us to learn more today.

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