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Shooting Range Terms; Safety of Adhering to Firing Lines & Lanes, Pointing Gun Downrange & More

When you are going to go to a shooting range and you are new to shooting, you need to know some terms you might be hearing. The range is a place you can go to practice shooting and learn to use a handgun. The range is usually ran by a person or business that makes sure you have a safe environment to go and use your weapon. When you go to shoot your weapon and you want to be safe you would attend a shooting range. When you attend a range there are common practices you will see done and when you know more about it before you arrive. When you arrive with some knowledge about the event and what you will be doing so that you have a good time. The more terms that you know the better it will be. Shooting Range Industries outlines some common terms used when you are at a shooting range.

Firing Line

If you are going to shoot at any range whether it is an indoor or an outdoor range you want to make sure you know what the firing line is. This is a term that you will hear no matter where you go and you need to know. You need to know what the term is and where the firing line is located. The firing line is the term that is given to the spot in the range that a shooter needs to be standing before they may shoot the gun. The line is very specific and you want to make sure that you are checking your location when you arrive and when you are shooting and when you are just waiting.


Once you know where the firing line is you need to know the next term. The term downrange is something that you will need to know and you will need to be very aware of before you shoot. Downrange is the way that you need to have your weapon pointed at all times. If you are loading the gun or you are shooting the gun then you need to make sure that it is pointed downrange. This is due to the safety of the patrons and employees that are working and using the range. This is to ensure that if your gun is shot that it goes in a safe direction.

Shooting Lanes

When you arrive at a range you should know that they are each their own unique look and size. There are some that small and only have a few lanes while others can be quite large. When you arrive they will likely assign you a lane that you will use to shoot from. The term lane is given to your position that you need to remain when you are shooting. It will also be where your target will be placed and hanging. If you have more people with you they may assign you more than one lane so that each person can practice.

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