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Shooting Range Therapy; Can Firing a Gun Relieve Stress, Provide Physical Strength Training & More?

Going to the range isn’t just for fun or solely to fulfill the responsibility of the gun owner to learn to properly handle their weapons. Did you know it can also be very healthy? Especially for our military and law enforcement personnel. It takes both physical and mental training to properly handle and control the weapon they are issued. Not just military and law enforcement benefit from proper firearm practice and training though. So do civilians. Shooting Range Industries will share what health benefits you can have achieve with proper practice the next time you visit the range.

Health Benefits of Recreational Shooting

Physical Discipline – Controlling a firearm takes a bit of physical strength. Hand guns greatly increase arm and wrist strength. When firing a pistol, it is important to be able to maintain control after the recoil as well as a steady arm for proper aim. Rifle or long firearms takes arm and body strength as well as proper positioning. Depending on the size of the caliber used, each requires the right strength and stance for proper control. Along with stamina, you develop better hand and eye coordination with regular firearm practice.
Improves Eyesight – Shooting doesn’t cure your eye problems. However, it can help exercise your eyes full capabilities. We often fix our eyes on our TVs, computers, phones, tablets and Ipods, which actually adds stress to our eyes. The eyeball uses muscles that adjust to what we are looking at. If our faces are stuck on the screen, we’re not using all of the muscles in our eyes. This can lead to imbalances. While on the shooting range you are looking down range in order to acquire proper sight alignment. This gives your eyes the occasion to use the different muscles located in your eyes.
Mental Focus – When shooting on the range it takes a lot of mental focus and discipline. Depending on what or where you’re shooting, you will need to be aware of your surroundings, all the people near or around you, and of course, your target. Additionally it is important to learn how to control adrenaline which can interfere greatly. Military and law enforcement are constantly training to remain in full control, especially when the adrenaline sets in. They must ensure they can control their weapon, ammo consumption, and of course, know their target. Many accidental shooting or injuries are due to adrenaline and the failure to safely and properly operate their weapons. When on the range and before getting your weapons out, take in your surroundings. Make note of who is around and what possible distraction can take place.
Stress Relief – Some find the discipline and practice to be somewhat of a stress relief. When on the range it is your time to clear your mind of the problems of the day. Some say shooting is like meditation, where they focus on themselves and self improvement. For those who suffer from stress, it is time to go shooting and leave those problems at home.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Firearm Training Exercises & Practice

There are many benefits of taking the time or go to the range; from physical and mental healthy to internal stress relief. If you’re looking for better ways to improve your health, consider visiting the range. Shooting Range Industries provides range design and construction. For those wanting to add a quality range to property, contact Shooting Range Industries.

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