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Shooting Range Therapy; Physical & Psychological Benefits of Holding & Firing a Gun for Training or Fun

For those who regularly attend the shooting range, there are countless benefits. Just at the tip of the iceberg is improving your skills, form, aim, and other shooting techniques. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to share the additional physical and mental health benefits you gain from spending time at your shooting range since there are countless advantages that go beyond boosting your shooting skills.

Shooting a Gun Gives You Confidence

Many character facets are promoted when you have confidence. In order to ensure the safety of others, those that responsibly own a gun, and choose to carry, need to continually build their skills and talents. Giving the courage and determination to intervene in situations that may or may not require wielding a firearm, your confidence reflects your abilities s you continue to develop in the skills.

Shooting Relieves Stress

A normal reaction when participating in your shooting activities on the range, is the adrenaline spikes. These adrenaline rushes are good for the body as science has proven it diminishes the burden of stress. Adrenaline also improves blood, helping the liver break down glycogen that feeds the muscles, offering more fuel for the body in addition to subduing stress.

Shooting Balance & Posture

No matter their experience levels to take slow, controlled, aim and follow through during shooting drills and exercises, shooting range time encourages better fundamentals. The core muscles are being used and they promote better posture and improved balancing as a result. The improvement on proper posture pinpoints the abdominal muscles that can often correct the chronic back pain caused by lower back pressure from poor posture for proper growth while you practice shooting. Coordination is also improved through better balance.

Firearm Stances Assist with Balance & Posture

The electronic gadgets, tables, smartphones, computers, and video games, people are losing a lot of physical strength with constant companions. From the drills and shooting exercises common on the range, there are many traits that will naturally build spending time on the range, like stamina growth, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and strength. Keeping your weapon steady for proper aiming and repeated drawing from holster to target alone will naturally build the arm strength for instance. As you focus down range on your target and surrounding, the eyesight and hand-to-eye coordination is being exercised. Many physical attributes are improved spending time on the range 1-2 times a week.

Mental Growth from Shooting Practice

Shooting activities consist of 90% mental, as most experienced firearm shooters would agree. The brain evolves and sharpens many aspects like logistics, mathematics, and a creative thinking demand, along with deeper concentration, and problem-solving skills when dealing in situations that require firing your weapon. To significantly improve your mental development, you can utilize your preferred hobby.

Concealed Carry Protection

Being that the 2nd amendment protects the rights to bear arms, it is well within your rights to obtain your concealed weapon permit. Whether it is for a chosen career or for sport, responsible gun ownership you have the opportunity to use your firearm through legal methods to prevent injury and death from malicious-minded people.

Custom Shooting Range Design & Manufacturing

Our portable, modular indoor shooting ranges, designed and built in Las Vegas, NV, can be shipped across the country and even across the world. Our ranges are the most convenient and safest venue to practice your live fire firearm skills. They can be set on your residential, commercial or institutional property for civilian, law enforcement or military use. Contact us to learn more today!

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