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Shooting Range Therapy; Stress Relief, Physical Activity, Encourage Confidence & Other Health Benefits

With Christmas right around the corner, many people are looking to gift their gun enthusiasts a meaningful gift. Offering a gift of a shooting range membership might be the perfect option since it offers health benefits as well. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to take the opportunity to share the advantages of health benefits when you are active at the shooting range.

Does Shooting Guns Relieve Stress?

As most experienced firearm shooters will agree, it is 90% mental when you shoot. Being able to think outside the box and being more aware of the surroundings is a major attribute as it dapples in areas of mathematic and creative thinking, logical, problem solving and deep concentration. The more your mind evolves and sharpen, the more you are working on the range honing your skills and applications.

Shooting Encourages Confidence

For civilian use in any capacity, too many want to label guns as dangerous and inappropriate. Characteristics such as courage, valor, and self-confidence are displayed when law abiding citizens that are properly trained, however.

Physical Activity is Important

Resulting in an unfortunate “cause and effect” situation, having so many electronically advanced toys at our disposal has reduced physical activity. Many lose their physical qualities and find it difficult to engage in physical activities where most keep their heads down and noses in view of electronic devices like smart phones, laptops, TV, tablets, and computers. Strength, hand – eye coordination, stamina, and fine motor skills among others is built with shooting on the range on a routine basis. You can naturally develop arm strength when you take the time in aiming, steadying your weapon, and fine tuning your draw. Instead of regrettably is staring at the close-up devices like tablets, phone, computers, etcetera that weakens our vision, your eyesight is being utilized. By looking into further distances and focusing on targets, you can strengthen your eye muscles. Our eyes begin to lose function as we focus on things close up. Giving your eyes the opportunity to look far out often reduce the stress they are under as well.

Adrenaline Rush

When one shoots, the body frequently supplied with an adrenaline rush. Adrenaline increases in your blood, since it is a dominate source for fueling the body, and it lets the liver know to break down glycogen, the stuff that feeds muscles with glucose. People can be relieved of stress with these adrenaline spikes.

Better Balance

Shooting exercises allow the core muscles to get worked while remaining still for proper aim. The lower back weakens what the abdominal muscles are lacking. Frequently felt a spasm of pain from this simply by waking up, the lower back pressure causing chronic pain. When people are on the range, the mundane motions of proper stance and careful aim only encourages proper posture and pinpoints abdominal muscles. You gain better balance because of the improved abdominal muscles and practiced posture improvement.

Custom Shooting Ranges to Improve Your Physical & Mental Health!

There are countless benefits to spending time at the shooting range and even better than going to a public range is stopping by your own personal shooting range located on your property! Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges where you can enjoy all the mental and physical health benefits of shooting. Call us to learn more today!

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