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Shooting Range Tips for Beginners; Know Basic Gun Handling Safety, Wear Protection & More

For those who are new to guns and want to sharpen your skills, there is no better place than the gun range. However, for those who might be considering attending a range for the first time you may feel little out of place or maybe you’re not sure what to do or what to expect once you get there. Shooting Range Industries will share a few tips for those beginners.

Know Basic Gun Handling Safety

It is important before hitting the range to know basic gun handling and safety first. Basic gun handling starts with the idea that every gun is loaded and ready to fire every time you pick the weapon up. However it is proper protocol never to carry the gun loaded when attending a firing range. The action should be open, and the ammo separated. Also, you never want to have your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire your weapon, and this means at the target. When you’re at the range it is important to pay close attention down range or the backstop before firing your weapon. Never fire down range if there is a person or unidentifiable object that could be harmed or is hazardous.

Go Shooting with a Shooter

It helps when you attend a range for the first time and want to improve your firearm skills to bring a friend along with you that is familiar with firearms and gun ranges. Hopefully, they can help teach you the basics of shooting, proper range safety, and protocol. Additionally, it is more fun to go shooting with a friend.

Practice Shooting with Lower Caliber Pistols

When you’re new to shooting and especially if you’re using pistols, it is better to start with a smaller caliber gun first. Sometimes it can be surprising how much a large caliber weapon can kick. Even a .22 caliber can kick more than most people realize, which is why it is best to start small and work your way up. This way you can practice proper gun control and handling along with sight alignment. As you get familiar with how firearms feel, you can begin to increase the caliber size. In addition, when you’re first learning how to shoot it is equally important not to put your thumb on the slide. This seems to be a common problem with beginners. However this can cause serious injury which is why it is important to learn how to properly hold the firearm.

Wear Proper Clothing and Protection to Range

When you go to the range make sure you have protective eye wear and ear protection. You’ll also want to avoid wearing loose fitting clothing. Firearms eject hot cases that sometimes end up flying into your clothing and leave behind nasty burns. The right clothing can prevent injuries just as much as your eye and ear protection.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Practice & Training

Shooting Range Industries supports and encourage shooters to attend the range to enhance their skill and control with firearms. Shooting Range Industries is proud to present state of the art gun ranges to civilians as well as our military and law enforcement to enhance their own training.

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