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Shooting Sports Require Dedication, Practice, Training, Ammunition, Range Time & More

There is much controversy related to firearms, if given the choice most of us when facing a dire confrontation will admit they’d rather be armed than not. Most would rather have a gun, though some would prefer the edge in close confrontations. From rock, to club to spear and sword, to the state of art firearms, when life and survival are on the line we want a shooter. Early firearms involved slow torturous reloading procedures, and the rate of fire and accuracy were clearly in favor of the bow. But every indigenous group confronted by the Europeans opted to go with smoke and thunder, probably because some psychological factor involving boom and flame. As an implement of hunting or armed survival the gun gets the vote.

Shooting Practice Requires Lots of Ammo; Reloading Can Lower Costs

Those who embrace firearms also understand the risk-benefits and the responsibility in utilizing deadly force implements. Safety is foremost to the hunter, and the holy grail of those who opt for concealed carry. The gun is a tool, and as such is should be adapted to the task. To participate in shooting sports, to be a serious competitor requires practice. Those who participate in practical shooting events can burn 1,000 rounds a week, that equals to be about 13,000 rounds every 90 days. Reloading can reduce costs, at 18-20 cents per round of 9mm, more for other calibers, the cost for the 9mm is about $2,600. No wonder they need sponsors. Competing will eat up a couple hundred rounds per event. However, to get that sponsorship, the cost is on you, and will depend how deep down your pockets go and your dedication. Rifle and shotgun ammo reloading is on par with 223 or 5.56 NATO running about 25-28 cents around with recycled brass. Bench Rest shooting leaves no room for commercial ammo, it is strictly a handloading proposition, with each round meticulously crafted. On the other hand, rimfire, being difficult or impossible to reload depends of the consumption of quantities of commercially loaded ammunition. Many hunters utilize commercial ammunition in pursuit of their sport, but there are a lot of handloaders as well. Custom crafted cartridges are very effective allowing for combos not available off the self. The point of all this is twofold, from self-defense to paper punchers you need to practice, a lot. To be able to support your shooting habit economically, you need to reload. Many trap and skeet competitors load their own shot shells as well.

Shooting Practice Makes Perfect

To be blunt, if you don’t shoot regularly you won’t be good. Given the trophy of surviving a deadly force conflict, it is amazing how many carrying a concealed weapon shoot for their qualifications and never warm the barrel again until the next qualification. To develop skill and confidence requires more than a range session every three or four years. Everyone should visit the range regularly, at least quarterly preferably monthly. When shooting for qualification score, it required you get your qualification through a quailifing agency recognized certified permit instructor or range master. But if you come under court review, a series of signed training scores go a long way in proving competence.

Custom Shooting Ranges for On Site Convenient Practice

If you are serious about competition even at a local level it will require a commitment to regular range time. Physical skills tend to deteriorate without constant practice. You may retain the skill above the average but find yourself falling short in competitive engagement. So, practice, dedicate range time in your schedule, and consider reloading to stretch out your range costs. Contact Shooting Range Industries to learn about obtaining your own custom shooting range.

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