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Shot Analysis; Horizontal & Vertical Sight Alignment & Sight Picture to Help Hit Your Shooting Targets

Sight pictures and sight alignment plays a major role in hitting your target while shooting and is one of the basic fundamentals that are included for shooting well. Generally, the rear sight of a weapon may be U-shaped, V-shaped, two dots or a perhaps a straight line. Where some sights are simple notched sights, others have small or large dots. No matter how the sights are configured, the general concept of sight alignment and sight picture works. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to continue discussing proper sight picture and proper sight alignment.

What is Sight Alignment & Sight Picture?

Indicating that you have proper sight alignment and sight picture is firing your weapon properly accurately and hitting the target. In order to shoot straight at your target, the sight alignment simply means having the front and rear sights in line with your eyesight. Being lined up is the horizontal axis and vertical axis. With your front and rear sights, sight picture means your target. When shooting, the shooter should be extending their arms and holding the weapon level. The shooter should not look straight down onto his weapon. Along the length of his weapon, the shooter is looking straight out. As a shooter, look through the rear sight and through the front sight. From there, the front sight is concentrated on as you pull the trigger.

Horizontal Sight Alignment

Your shot will go above your target if your front sight is high and the reverse is also true as well. As your shot will go below your target should your front sight be low. Ultimately, you want to have your horizontal and vertical axis lined up.

Vertical Sight Alignment

Separating the front sight on each side of the notch, as it sits between the rear sight, you want to have an equal amount of light or space. In order to see your front sight, treat your rear sight as a window that you look through. Look through your rear sight and not at the rear sight.
Sight Picture. It is time to move onto sight picture once you understand sight alignment. With your front and rear sights, the sight picture means your target is aligned. As you intended, the resulting shot will be accurate when you pull the trigger.

Shot Analysis

Being that the top of the front and rear sights was level, a perfect shot shows there was an equal amount of light separating the front sight and sides of the rear sight notch. Below are a few instances where your shot might not land should you not follow the fundamentals of sight picture and sight alignment.
1) Though the front sight was too high, there was an equal amount of light separating the front sight and sides of the rear notch.
2) With too much light on left side of notch, the shot was too high and to the right if the top of the front sight was higher than the top of the rear sight.
3) On the right side of the front sight, there was too much light. The shot will be to the left of the target.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Firearm Practice & Training

Practicing the fundamentals, including the sight alignment and sight picture, all contributes to more accurate shooting. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges. Contact us today!

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