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Shotgun Myths; Is One Shot Buckshot Good for Home Defense, Are Shotguns Easy to Shoot & More

There are lots of people that want to make sure they have a way to defend themselves in their own home. They want to have way to react if there is a threat that puts their family or themselves at risk. One of the ways you can do that is to have access to a firearm that you can use if the time comes. Some homeowners are not sure what type of firearm is best to have in a home for self defense. The reality is that the type of firearm you choose has a lot to do with your ability and what you are comfortable with. If you are someone that is not a novice but you are ready to have a gun in the house a shotgun is a good option to start with. A shotgun is something that most people are comfortable to have in a house. They are also a great choice for a home that wants to have some sort of protection. If you are choosing a shotgun there are some myths that you might want to know the truth about first. Shooting Range Industries outlines the truth about a few myths surrounding shotguns.

Is Buckshot Good for Home Defense?

One of the things that you might see in a movie or have heard from someone is that if you shoot a buckshot everything in the area will be taken out. This is not the truth at all and the movies have led you to a myth. The reality is that a buckshot is an option for home defense but you still need to take a proper shot if you want to hit a target. The reality is that the buckshot will spread out only about one inch for each yard that it travels. If you are attempting to protect yourself in your home you are within a few yards of the person that is there to cause you harm. This means that you need to be on point when you shoot even if you are using a shotgun with a buckshot. You want to make sure that you know how to aim the weapon if you plan to use it.

Are Shotguns Easy to Shoot

Another thing that you might come across is that a shotgun is a simple weapon for anyone to shoot. The reality is that the shotgun does have a kick to it and that means the weapon goes off the gun will come back with some force. You can learn to shoot a shotgun but it does take some training. You need to know how to hold the weapon, how to aim the weapon and how to pull the trigger so that you have an accurate shot. There are people that train for years to be the best at shotgun shooting.

One Shot Shotgun?

You also might have heard that taking a single shot at an intruder will stop them in their tracks and keep you safe. The reality is that if you are not a trained sniper you are likely going to need more than just one shot. You will need to be ready to take a second shot and sometimes more. This means that you need to train how to reload and shoot quickly.

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