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Should Citizens Own Firearms? Gun Ownership Debate; Laws, Rights & Control

Anyone who believes this country is not in trouble is either ignorant to the events happening across the globe, or living under a rock. Everyone has their own opinions and views concerning the political actions taking place. Some believe the politicians are doing a sufficient job with the events that transpire, why others are both saddened and disgusted. Many political figures and civilians suggest that firearm ownership needs to be banned, and the U.S. Constitution simply be rewritten. Where we could spend months on endless debates on the pros and cons of citizens owning firearms, it would just end in more hatred fueling separation in the country. It seems more than ever people are fearing others for their religious beliefs, color of their skin, uniforms they wear or the past deeds they acted upon. With the world in chaos, and many groups of people hating evil doers all over the world, Americans should be banning together more than ever.

Shooting Range Industries would like to provide some uniting facts concerning civilians owning firearms.

Recreational Gun Use. There are Olympic games for shooting. Not everyone wielding a gun wants to go shooting at something breathing. Stationary targets, flying discs and similar objects that are shot at provide competitive fun. Many who experience the shooting range describe it as soothing and therapeutic, as well as providing social experiences in meeting new people.
Firearm Home Defense. Let’s face facts. Criminals are not going to surrender their firearms because police enforcement ask them to, nor will they go through legal channels and protocols to obtain the firearms or weapons to commit their crimes. Having a legally acquired firearm(s) can better protect your home, yourself and your loved ones. There are multiple true life accounts where the use of a firearm saved loved ones from being victims of a home invasion.
Legal Carry Gun. Folks that are so inclined and have lead a criminal free life can legally obtain a concealed weapons carry permit. With recent attacks at mass events, having additional firepower to aid law enforcement and security officers can minimize injuries and fatalities.
Additional Information on Citizens Owning Firearms. Not everyone should own firearms. If you are uncomfortable around them, don’t own one. Those that are comfortable around guns have the right to own them. Following proper safety precautions is extremely important. Keeping guns properly secure and stored, along with legal, secure transport should be every gun owners top priority. Every state has laws concerning firearms, in addition to federal laws. Be sure to learn your states laws and regulations.

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Along with following gun safety, efficient proficiency in firing should be adequately practiced. Taking your firearms to the gun range is a perfect way to hone your skills. Practicing stances, drawing, aiming, breathing, and firing are aspects to becoming an exceptional shooter. Going to the local range is fun but having your own shooting range is much more convenient and provides you with a superior facility. Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information!

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