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Simulation Guns VS Live Firearms Simulation Training VS SRI’s Milo Range Simulators

Most know the advantages and disadvantages of traditional live fire guns, no matter if you are a novice shooter or an expert marksman. There are familiar sounds, smells, feel, and other senses associated with live fire. When it comes to switching over to using a sim gun at a virtual gun range, there is little surprise that traditional gun owners have some hesitation. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn the technology enhances the experience, for those that keep an open mind. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss simulations versus live fire and how our milo range simulators offer the best of both worlds.

Operation of Simulation Guns

Generally constructed of polymer simulation, sim guns are created using a mold of a real gun. The sim gun mirrors the experience of a real gun as they have the right size, look and handling of a live firing gun. A laser pulse that lines up with each trigger pull is emitted, which is an important feature with sim guns. On the 12ft x 7ft HD simulation screen in front of you, the shot is typically registered within nanoseconds. Within each different scenario they participate in, shooters are allowed to get a true indication of their skills with the guns being calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy as well. Those very comfortable using a live firing gun may be wondering how realistic the simulation guns are when it comes to handling and shooting. Based on shooter preferences, sim guns can offer a range of experiences. There are options that are made of lightweight polymer that provide easier gun handling and make them more comfortable for extended periods of use, which is ideal for the novice shooters or entertainment-based shooters. Being highly realistic, the look, feel, size and handling is authentic. The biggest difference is weight and the absence of kick-back. On the other hand, sim guns are available that are made of polymer and steel to represent a realistic weight for expert marksman and gun owners. From CO2 powdered pistols that offer realistic slide action and blow back, all the way to full weight semi-automatic rifles with CO2 powdered actions to simulate a true experience, shooters have many options. However, with even the most basic model of most simulation guns, the fundamentals of shooting and the fun of engaging with dynamic targets can be achieved. These guns are designed for the shooter’s individual comfort level.

Live Firing Guns

Where the simulation guns are optimal in various applications, especially if ammo budgeting is tight, live firing is the ultimate experience. Shooters can emulate a lot of shooting applications with sims guns but testing their skill levels with live firing guns is ultimately the best shooting practices, whether you are practicing basic fundamentals, or more advanced drills. Taking the time to visit a live firing range periodically, in addition to virtual applications, can improve your skills. Whether you are looking for a public firing range or want to invest in private, custom shooting lane, having a safe environment to practice skill shots is best.

Milo Live Fire Shooting Range Simulators

Shooting Range Industries’ Milo Ranges don’t just focus on shooting, because force won’t always be the right choice in every situation. In addition to shooting games, our milo ranges offer scenario based training that requires the shooter to choose the appropriate tactic, whether or not that requires the use of a weapon. While marksmanship is always of the utmost importance, decision-making abilities are often even more crucial in maintaining safety. Call Shooting Range Industries to learn more about our Milo Ranges today!