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Single Action VS Double Action Semi-Automatic Pistol; Initial & Consecutive Shots, Safety Mechanisms & More

With more options now than ever before, pistols have come a long way since their inception including the auto-loading pistol, the semi-automatic pistol, and the reliable and revered revolver. Though there are still some who swear by the revolver, most people go with a semi-automatic or an auto-loading handgun. Also, there is the Double Action/Single Action semi-automatic pistol. Its popularity soared when it became the go-to operating system for guns used by members of the U.S. Army in 1985, though it has been around since 1928. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to elaborate on the Double Action/Single Action semi-automatic pistol.

Initial Shot

As it is one of the things that makes a DA/SA semi-automatic pistol so unique, there are two ways in which the first shot can be fired. A long, revolver-like double-action pull of the trigger is where it comes from. The hammer is cocked and the released with this function. Using a single action, you can also manually cock the hammer first. Because the gun is doing less of the mechanical work this reduces the pressure needed for a single-action pull by about 5-pounds of pressure.

Consecutive Shots

The gun essentially becomes a semi-automatic handgun after the first shot has been fired from a Double Action/Single Action operating system. The slide mechanism automatically cocks the hammer back with each subsequent shot.

Safety Mechanisms of Semi-Auto Pistols

To help ensure your safety, there are three systems used in DA/SA semi-automatic pistols. The first uses a safety/de-cocking mechanism. The slide mounted lever rotates down when you are using the single-action system by dropping the hammer on a blocking mechanism safely as it prevents it from firing a round. To push down on a lever to safely de-cock the pistol on live rounds is allowed by the second is a de-cock-only system. It does not technically act as a safety because it springs back into the ready position. A combination of the de-cocker and a manual safety system that makes it possible for you to carry the gun in either the DA/SA mode or cocked and locked with a manual safety on the single-action mode is the third.

Shooting a Semi-Automatic Pistol

Ultimately, getting acquainted with the Double Action/Single Action semi-automatic pistol is better done on the shooting range. You can have a safe environment to practice your skills and basics applications.

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