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Smallest Handguns for Concealed Carry; FN Baby Browning .25 ACP Pistol, Kel-Tec P32, Kahr Arms CW .380 & More

With all the violence out in the world these days most people are looking for ways to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. One way is to have a weapon and to get your CCW so that you can have your firearm with you at all times. That way you are prepared in any situation that may need your assistance. Most people do not want to deal with a large bulky gun as their everyday concealed weapon so they are on the look out for a smaller more manageable weapon. Although some guns are small they are still powerful and are dangerous and need to be treated just like any other weapon.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Some Of the Smallest Guns Available to Purchase

North American Arms NAA .22 – If you want to go with the smallest gun available this one is for you. The gun is a revolver style pistol that uses a .22 short bullet and is a great gun to have as a concealed weapon. Many women choose this gun as well because it can easily fit in their purse or bag. It can hold up to five rounds and the entire gun reaches just 3.63 inches in length.
FN Baby Browning .25 ACP Pistol – This is a great weapon to have if you want a nice smooth weapon with clean lines. Another great thing about this weapon is that it is extremely reliable and can be counted on anytime you need it. It can hold six bullets in the magazine and one can be chambered for up to seven total rounds. You will need some practice with this weapon since it is not the easiest to shoot. It tends to kick a bit and you will need a firm grip when firing this tiny gun.
Kel-Tec P32 – More and more manufacturers are trying to compete with the small pocket style weapon that is all the rage. When the small pistol sales went up people were extremely interested in a weapon that was as small as possible. This was the answer for many people but is not as sought after any more. If you want a sleek choice this tiny weapon is a great option. Full length this weapon is a little over five inches.
Kahr Arms CW .380 – This is a great option if you want the comfort of the small weapon but you want a little more power. This weapons fires a .380 which is smaller than the more standard 9MM but still is a great option. The Karh brand offers a great priced pocket pistol and this one is a little under five inches.
Bond Arms Cowboy Defender – Are you looking for a really cool looking revolver style with a double barrel? You can get this pistol in a variety of calibers to fit what you really want. The cowboy is five inches in length and it makes it extremely easy to pack away.

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