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Solutions to Common Types of Pistol Gun Jams; Failure to Feed or Eject, Misfires & Hang Fires

When you spend some time at the range, you might find that your pistol jams on occasion. But, how often does your pistol jam? When you deal with a firearm that frequently jams, there may be a reason behind all of the jams and not just because you may have an old firearm or a lemon. There are a number of types of firearm jams. Frequent firearm jams and the types of jam could be due to a problem occurring inside your pistol. Shooting Range Industries will share some of types of pistol jams and what may be causing these common firearm failures.

Failure to Feed

A failure to feed is when the round behind the one you just fired didn’t load correctly. One of the most common reasons while a pistol will have a failure to feed is actually not having a firm grip on the pistol. If the handler doesn’t have a firm grip on the pistol, the recoil from the previous round can cause the slide to full cycle. When you experience frequent failures to feed, reevaluate your grip and try a different grip; one that may provide you with a tighter hold.

Failure to Eject

A failure to eject is when the empty case of the last fired round doesn’t fully eject out from the chamber. Often the case gets trapped in the chamber partially. This is often also due to a weak grip. Since the slide doesn’t fully cycle the casing often doesn’t ejected completely. Again a tighter grip can help stop this problem.

Misfires & Hang Fires

A misfire and a hang fire are similar in appearance. However, they are two different problems. Basically, when you pull the trigger nothing occurs. However, never immediately check your gun for the problem, at least not on the range. Keep the barrel of the gun down range, wait for 30 seconds then rack the chamber. A hang fire is when nothing happens when you pull the trigger. However, there can be a delay. A misfire occurs and the round never fires. When the round never discharges you will want to remove the round after waiting 30 to 60 seconds just to be sure it is not a hang fire. In most cases it is a bad round. However, remove the round from the chamber. Check the butt of the round and see if the striker hits the primer. There should be an indent from the striker. If there isn’t an indent then perhaps the striker malfunctioned. Another similar problem is if the striker was off center and missed the primer. In either case, take your pistol to a gunsmith and have the striker mechanism inspected.

Personalized & Made to Order Modular Shooting Ranges

It is essential that your pistol is working properly especially if your weapon is used in defense of yourself and your loved ones. Make sure it isn’t user error. If you are experiencing jamming, then check your pistol and make sure there isn’t a malfunction. Shooting Range Industries is dedicated to responsible and safe gun ownership. We specialize in custom shooting range designs and construction where you can practice your shooting skills. To learn more about our quality ranges, contact Shooting Range Industries today.

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