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Stand Your Ground & Other Self Defense Laws; Handgun, Rifle or Shotgun for Home Defense

When you are new to guns and want to find something for home defense and personal protection, you may wonder what is better; a pistol, shotgun, or rifle. Each type of firearm has its different uses and how they can vary from home defense or personal protection. In America, there are three major self-defense laws.

Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine & Duty to Retreat

One is “stand your ground” where if you are threatened with no retreat you can use a firearm to protect yourself including outside the home. In Nevada, you will want a concealed carry permit to legally carry a concealed weapon. Nevada is also an open carry state. The second self-defense law is called “castle doctrine” which allows the use of deadly force when attacked within your home. The last self-defense law is “duty to retreat.” Whenever possible, you must first retreat before using any deadly force. Understanding your rights to carry a firearm is essential, along with having the basic knowledge of the different firearms. Shooting Range Industries will share the different types of firearm and which one is best for different self-defense situations.

Handgun; Pistol or Revolver

Handguns (pistols or revolvers) is primarily used for concealed carry and is greatly used for home defense. Handguns come in semi-auto or single shot and range on round capacity. Pistols are a hard firearm to be accurate with as it has a very short barrel. Generally, the shorter the barrel the less accurate the firearm is. When seeking a handgun for home or concealed carry, which one will depend on what feels most comfortable to you. Semi-auto pistols are some of the most favored as they can be reloaded quickly and come in different calibers. Calibers vary for home defense. A 45. and a 40. caliber are considered better as these rounds won’t pass through walls like a 9 mm. However, the larger calibers can be more difficult to control. Revolvers are most often used as concealed carry as they come in compact sizes and hold less rounds. However, they are harder to reload under pressure.

Bolt, Level, Semi & Automatic Rifles

Rifles are most often used for sport shooting and hunting. However, they can be used for home defense. They don’t fall under concealed carry for obvious reasons. However, the short barrel (16 inch) are good home defense weapons. The shorter length rifle can be more easily used inside a home and can be more accurate especially, with reflex or red dot sights. Rifles come in single shot or semi-auto. For home defense, semi-autos are more desired. However, out of the different types of firearms, rifles are used more for hunting and sport shooting and is least used for self-defense.

Break-Action, Pump-Action & Semi Automatic Shotguns

Shotgun are used for home defense, hunting and sport shooting. Shotguns are popular firearms for a number of different reasons. For home defense you will want a short barrel (16 inches) shotgun to make it easier and safer to move around the home. There are a number of different types of rounds that can be used for a shotgun including non-lethal rounds.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Practice & Training

When seeking a firearm for personal protection and for home defense, find the one right for you. There are a number of ranges that allow firearm rental to better expose you to each type of firearm. And once you have chosen your preferred weapons, Shooting Range Industries can provide the perfect place to practice and train. For quality range design and installation, contact Shooting Range Industries today.

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