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Summer Shooting; Big Game Hunting in Nevada, Best Stopping Power Caliber & More

Now that summer is here, we start thinking about trips to our favorite fishing hole, cabin or a scenic hike. For many, part of the preparation is choosing a field gun. Let’s face it Nevada doesn’t have that many predators that are dangerous to us humans, normally. There are exceptions, however. One is disease. Rabies is not a stranger to southern Nevada mammals and normally cautious critters can become aggressive.

Nevada Big Game

Our biggest predator is the black bear, followed by the mountain lion, cougar or puma your preference. We have bobcats, wolves and coyotes, but wolves are more northernly. An increasingly large populations of feral dogs occasionally are found. When hiking the most likely problem is a rattlesnake that will not move or allow you to move out of the way. Best to let them go if possible, but sometimes…….! To be honest your most likely problem outdoors would be from two legged critters.

Best Defensive Field Caliber

If you head north to Montana or even Alaska, then your choices are narrower. Even Washington State has Brown bear and Grizzly. You will need some serious firepower if confronted by an obstinate Brownie. So, what is a good defensive field caliber? Well, if your recreational preferences also share the habitat with the big bruins, your going to want a 44 Magnum, minimum. The 480 Ruger is a good consideration as well. But for most of the lower 48 where the black bears reign supreme a good all-around choice is the venerable .357 Magnum. Speer offers 38 Special shot shells in #9 or #4 shot, bad medicine for rattlers. Avoidance is best, but do you want a rattler poking around your camp or cabin in the woods? The versatility of a good 357 Magnum should never be underestimated. Good loads in the 158+ grain area will even stop a black bear. Depending on your environment’s denizens even a good 22 Magnum revolver is a good choice for the fishing trip in dense, possibly snake infested brush that crowds along our stream banks.

Best Stopping Power Handgun Caliber

CCI loads shotshells for pest management around the domicile. They load 38 Special, 9mm and 40 S&W and 22 Magnum shot cartridges. The favorite is to load the first two cylinder with shot, with some hollow points filling out the cylinder. A couple of speed loaders and you’re in business. The autos may only function in single shot mode as they may not recycle the gun. Consider that you can get 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 Auto chambered in revolvers. Best auto pistol for those that can handle it is the 10mm, thought I was going to say the 45 Auto, huh. The 10mm in emergency situations has brought down moose. A Glock in 10mm is a powerful persuader, but you must be able to control it. A 30mm cannon does you no good unless you can connect with your target. That is what makes the .357 so popular, most of us can handle the recoil and master the weapon and they can downsize to .38 Special when ever the situation may demand it. The 10mm and 357 Mag offer good penetration in tough skinned animals as well as effective expansion. The 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 Auto are not high penetrators in most threat animals. Even deer can be aggressive and moose are territorial.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Firearm Practice & Training

As with most things’ guns, you must carry what fits you the best. And needless to say, range time is important in mastering any weapon. But pistols rule concealed carry and human combat, where many prefer the versatility of the wheel-gun as a bush gun. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges, designed and built to your specific specifications. Contact us to learn more today!

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