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SWAT Teams Training Requirements, Weapons & Gear; Popular Pistols, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Assault & Sniper Rifles

SWAT teams, along with military, and law enforcement, can carry the subconscious fear that their firearms will fail when they need them most. There are many documented reports of swat officers having dreams where they find the trigger on their weapon is impossible to pull back, or they can’t hit their target, or their weapon malfunctions. This is a well known topic among law enforcement, SWAT and our military. When this occurs, there is only one cure for this subconscious fear; more shooting range time. It is strongly recommended when SWAT and other enforcers dream of gun failure, that they go to the range and prove to themselves that they can use their weapon and hit their target. This is why gun ranges customers are most often SWAT teams as well as personnel from other areas of enforcement. We here at Shooting Range Industries will speak on some of the common firearms that our SWAT teams use around the United States and why they require so much practice.

Types of Firearms SWAT Carry & Use

SWAT teams will very from state to state when it comes to the firearms they carry. However, some of the same types always crop up. You will see side arms, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Each man will carry different types of weaponry and with that come different responsibilities.

Most Popular SWAT Pistols

SWAT team members have been known to carry the same two pistols as side arms; one being the Glock 17, a 40 caliber pistol and the other being the Springfield 1911A1 (professional custom), a 45 caliber pistol. The 1911 has been around for over one hundred years now and has proven to be a reliable gun. Many firearm manufacturers have adopted the 1911 design and created their own brand of 1911s. The SWAT team appears to favor Springfield Armory 1911A1 professional custom 45cal. Pistol. Next on the SWAT team’s side arms list is the Glock 17. These are very light weight firearms that are known to work through the harshest of conditions. This is one important reason why the Glock pistol is widely used in our military, law enforcement, and SWAT teams. However it takes a great deal of practice to prefect accuracy. The shorter the barrel on a firearm, the harder it is to maintain good accuracy.

SWAT Assault Rifles & Submachine Guns

The SWAT rifle of choice is the M4 carbine. The M4 is a shorter version of the M16A2 assault rife. The M4 is a shorter design for both out and indoor purposes. It has three modes of firing rates. It is able to fire automatically, semi-auto, and even in a three round burst depending on threat levels. This rifle provides great stability and control while being fired. Giving the shooter better accuracy is a top reason they are used in the city. SWAT’s submachine gun of choice often leans toward the H&K MP5. The MP5 fires a 9mm round that is extremely compact. Imagine it as a full auto pistol that can hold up to 30 rounds with the same firing options of the M4 that can be switched for full auto, semi-auto and also 3 round burst.

SWAT Shotguns & Sniper Rifles

The Remington manufacturer supplies SWAT with a shotgun and sniper rifle. SWAT shotgun is the 12 gauge Remington 870, that is widely used in hunting, sport shooting as well as defense. SWAT will typically use the shorter barrel shotguns. The use of this the shotgun does very well from gaining entry, to temporary incapacitation, to imminent threat take downs. All depending on the wide verity of rounds, used in the right situation. The Remington Model 700 is a sniper rifle used by our SWAT teams. Snipers undergo a lot of training. In a life or death situation caused by the aggressor, they must have exceptional accuracy to ensure the preservation of others. SWAT snipers are the last resort in most situations. Nonetheless, they can stop a major conflict without an aggressor’s knowledge.

Custom Shooting Range, Equipment & Accessories, Designed & Manufactured in Las Vegas Nevada

Our SWAT teams are called on during the more dangerous circumstances. They undergo lots of training with many forms of firearms and tactics. They must always be ready to serve when the call comes. This is just a few of the weapons in the arsenal that SWAT uses. So the next time you see a SWAT member on the range, give them your support and gratitude. Shooting Range Industries is here to give support to all of our men and women who serve.

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