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Tactical Rifle Drills & Combat Training; Rifle Reload Technique, Lefty Righty Exercise, 5 in 3 Drill & More

When spending time at the shooting range, the basic drills can start to get dull after a while. Adding a few essential drills can help you improve your shooting skills but also help keep the practice fresher and more exciting. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share these rifle drills that should be added to your shooting drill regimes.

Rifle Reload Techniques Drill

Obviously, it’s all about practicing the reload as the first drill is the reload Ddrill. Regardless of whether you’re focused on competition or self-defense, this is a basic but important drill for any rifle shooter. You can shave seconds off your reload time by perfecting the process as your reload is a straight-forward task. Below are the steps broken down.
1) With the safety selector in SAFE position, start with your rifle loaded.
2) Move the selector lever to FIRE with your support thumb after you shoulder your rifle.
3) Attain a sight picture and begin shooting, until you’ve fired all of the rounds.
4) Press the magazine release button with your trigger finger once the mag is empty.
5) Bring the rifle to your “work area” and simultaneously grab a loaded mag with your support hand as the magazine falls away.
6) Insert the new magazine into the mag with the empty mag out of the way.
7) As you bring the rifle up to your shoulder, hit the bolt release with your support thumb.
8) Repeat steps 3-7.
Be sure to notice your reload times reduce by repeating this drill 50-100 times each time it is implemented in the regimen. You can both put yourself under a little pressure and actually see your improvements by using a shot timer.

Lefty Righty Rifle Exercise

The simple reload drill should be considered a warmup. The “lefty righty” drill is a bit more advanced. You’ll be firing a few shots and then switching the rifle to your other side of your shoulder. If you haven’t practiced shooting with your non-dominate side, this drill may be awkward. Below are the steps for this drill.
1) With your strong-hand (primary) side, fire a few shots.
2) Safely switch the rifle to the other side by keeping muzzle in a safe direction and finger off of the trigger / out of the trigger guard.
3) With your off-hand (support) side, fire a few shots.
4) And safely return the rifle back to the primary shooting side as before.
5) Repeat.

5 in 3 Rifle Drill

To test your skill at different positions is the purpose of this drill; follow the steps below.
1) Engage your target with 5 rounds standing on the signal and start standing.
2) Fire 5 rounds kneeling after you quickly move into the kneeling position.
3) Fire 5 more rounds following the prompt adjustment into the prone position.
It is important to fire quick, accurate shots, but also move into the positions as quickly as you can. Be sure to apply this drill at various distances, start at 25 yards and work your way back to 100 yards.

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