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Target Gun Shooting Range Practice Drills for Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Military personnel, law enforcement officers, and armed security guards practice frequently on the shooting range among other places to ensure they have acute accuracy, better responses and developed skills when the time comes for firing their guns in real time. People who shoot firearms recreationally utilize time at the firing range to sharpen their skills and become better marksman for competitions and hunting exploits. The same should be said for those who choose to have a concealed weapons permit.

Shooting Range Industries take the time to help concealed weapon carriers understand the importance of being well familiar with your firearm.

For those who qualify; you are exercising your constitutional right to have a concealed weapons permit. We hope you never have cause to use it, but if you do, for the safety of yourself and innocent bystanders and any potential victims; it is prudent you know how to use that gun. If you are a beginner to handling guns, it might be beneficial to take at least a beginner class from an expert on the basics of a gun, safety regulations, understanding the law concerning your weapon, and maybe extra classes on firing your gun.

Safety is number one, remember these basic rules at all times;
• Gun is ALWAYS loaded, even if it is not loaded, always assume it is. Many accidental shootings leading to injury or fatalities are done by those who were certain the gun was unloaded. Treat every gun as if it’s loaded at ALL times.
• Never place the muzzle in alignment of anything you are not willing to shoot.
• Keep the finger off the trigger until you are 100% ready to fire.
• Know what is beyond your target.

Safe Gun Storage Solutions

Practice all safety measures while you are in possession of your gun. Especially be thorough and detailed during safe storage of your gun. Never leave it in plain sight where children, or even a friends or foes can take advantage of a convenient weapon. Keep it secretly stored in some kind of safe.

Gun Shooting & Training Classes

Get good with your gun. If you should find an enjoyable recreational activity with your gun to help make it more fun, that is a great way to hone your skills and keep improving them. If not, consider taking ongoing classes, or practice what you have learned a minimum of once a week.

Dry Firing Pistol Practice

Dry firing, or when you practice without ammunition, is an excellent way to practice the basics if time or convenience is an issue to hit the shooting range. The more often your practice live firing at the shooting range the better you will be. Practice these things at the firing range, or dry firing where applicable:
o Safe weapon manipulation.
o Safe and quick reloads.
o Shooting accuracy.
o Speed shooting.
o Holster draws.
o Multiple targets.
o One-handed shooting (in both primary hand and secondary hand.)
o Moving targets.
o Fire while in movement.
o Shooting in minimal lighting.

Custom Shooting Range Design with Bullet Traps, Equipment & Accessories to Best Meet Your Needs

An additional safety tip to dry firing, is to find an air soft replica of the make and model of the handgun you carry. Remember safety is number one, but have fun with it, and never carry your weapon if you are not comfortable with it. Wait until you are familiar and competent.

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