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Should You Teach a Child About Firearm Safety & How to Aim & Shoot a Gun?

There is one subject that has seemed to become taboo in today’s society and that is if you should teach young children about guns and proper safety etiquette. You can read forum after forum and each person has their own view on the subject. In the end it is up to the parent whether or not to introduce guns to children or when they should learn about firearms and how to handle them with safety utmost in mind. However today Shooting Range Industries will share the pros as well as the cons of teaching children about gun safety for those who are not sure if now is the right time to begin teaching their children about firearms.

Teaching a Child About Firearm Safety

Con – Let’s start with a con. Most children are strongly influenced by movies. Some of our children’s favorite movies are full of action packed scenes where our hero shoots his way through adversity. Next to movies as a major influence is video games and there has become countless game involving firearms. Often through movies that feature guns, a major misconception is planted into our children minds about the glamour of firearms and taking lives. Once a child learns that there is a gun in the home they may be drawn to it so they can become their favorite action hero. In so doing, they can accidentally hurt themselves or others.
Pro – Some will argue that you can prevent a child’s misconceptions and teach about the dangers of firearms very early. When they are old enough to take directions, you can begin enforcing proper gun safety and handling of the firearm. You can teach the child to treat the gun as though it’s always loaded. Not only are you introducing safety, but also the gun. By introducing the firearm to the child it is no longer a fantasy item but something they are regularly exposed to. Often children lose interest in items they are exposed to and a gun is no longer a mysterious thing. Habits are easily created. You teach gun safety when they are young and it will stick with them through the rest of their life.
Con – By teaching your child about guns and how they work and even proper safety means your child is now capable of operating the gun. This worries many people due to the fact that a child may not know when it is appropriate to use a gun. Some children may use a gun when they’re angry and not able to control their emotions. However this can simply be prevented. You can teach your child about the gun and proper safety but you don’t need to teach the child where the gun is located. A gun should always be locked away and separate from the ammunition.
Pro – If we teach our children in school about drugs and sex education and the dangers involved to help protect them because they are exposed to each in our unfortunate society, then it stands to reason that if guns are present in the home, and our children are exposed to them, they should have the same education concerning their danger and how to handle them with proper safety. By teaching our young children the truth about gun as well as the other facts of life they will hopefully learn to respect the firearms and have a clear understanding of its place in our society.

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It is our constitutional right to bear arms. We have the right to protect ourselves if necessary. You may find that by teaching your child gun safety, you will help them not be defenseless in the event their home is invaded. However, Shooting Range Industries strongly encourages in the event you teach your children about proper gun safety, to never use a loaded gun. In fact, a toy gun is a great start. Additionally, store your firearm in a locked cabinet or safe and remove their access until they are responsible enough to handle a firearm. Shooting Range Industries is committed to providing safe training areas for our local military, law enforcement, and even our civilians. When it comes to live fire safety lessons for your children, make sure to use a quality shooting range. Contact Shooting Range Industries to learn more about commissioning your custom range today.

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