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Tips for Beginner Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Holders; Familiarize Yourself with Your Weapon, Firearm Training & Practice at the Shooting Range & Much More!

If anyone has been paying attention to current events, not only in the U.S., but around the globe, it might be appealing to many to become a permitted concealed weapons carry holder. There are plenty of folks with bad intentions, looking to impose afflictions on others, or even if the intention is not there, they may not be opposed to assaulting another if the situation calls for it. No matter the threats they want or will impose on you or a loved one, you are considering becoming one of the many who is legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon. There are quite a few stories floating around how the concealed weapons holder was able to diffuse a situation before a loved one or an innocent stranger was harmed. With the added benefits of being a concealed weapon carrier, it is important you only do so if you are comfortable with this responsibility.

Shooting Range Industries shares some tips for the beginner concealed weapons permit holder, and perhaps refresh the experts on some general points.

1. Invest in multiple holsters, before investing in multiple firearms. Holsters come in many shapes, styles and designs for specific targeted areas of concealment. It can be difficult to choose the right one best for your response and methods. Investing in holster options is more optimal than choosing and investing the right gun to accessorize with.
2. Familiarize yourself with your weapon and holster before heading into the public. When in the comfort of your own home, it is recommended that you wear your holster and weapon before traversing in the public. Getting comfortable with your chosen firearms and holsters can help ease your mind and body with carrying a concealed weapon. Familiarize yourself with day to day activities while wearing them; sitting, walking, leaning and other variations to ensure you are not exposing your weapon, and having it on you becomes as second nature as wearing and concealing your undergarments.
3. Avoid touching your weapon when out in the public view. Drawing attention to your weapon can lead to troubling and avoidable scenarios. If you feel your weapon and/or holster has shifted or needs adjusting, duck into a restroom or secluded area to make the needed changes.
4. Resist adding features and gadgets to your weapon. It is always fun to customize your belongings. Making a common treasure on your own is an enticing intrigue. But keep your weapon clear of that. The only exception is adding sights to your gun, but the more gadgets you “upgrade” like the triggers or slide release levers, can actually lend to malfunctioning hardware. Your gun has been expertly engineered to ensure it works correctly and adequately. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
5. Don’t be obvious with your new handgun addition. Many beginners are plainly nervous and lack a poker face. The purpose of concealed carry is to keep the possession of your firearm to yourself unless unquestionably necessary.
6. Firearm practice and training. Whenever you have spare time, hit the firing range to practice weapon draw, firing and other exercises, so if the dark day you should need to use your weapon, you are accurate and efficient with it. In real life, circumstances, emotions and adrenaline can hinder your abilities. Keep up with training so when you need it, it isn’t a contributing disaster. When hitting the firing range isn’t an option for the day, practice dry firing, stances and drawing to heighten your abilities.
7. Practice firearm safety. It is more prudent to practice safety precautions and protocols when carrying, transporting and storing your weapon. Remember the four laws: 1) The gun is ALWAYS loaded. 2) Never point the gun at something you have no intentions of shooting. 3) Be aware of what is BEHIND the target. 4) Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to fire.
8. Do not advertise your concealed carry. Resist the urge to tell family, friends, coworkers or anyone else who listen of your choice to carry concealed, especially avoid utilizing social media. You never know who is in ear shot or the unsavory characters wanting to exploit your weapon.
9. Keep a round in the chamber. When an emergency situation determines you to use your firearm, taking the additional time to cycle a round into the chamber could be a life or death choice. Be confident and safe with having a bullet in the chamber to be more ready.
10. Do not stress. Carrying a concealed weapon is a choice no one should take lightly and it is a very serious matter. But be yourself, relaxed and happy while doing so.

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