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Tips for Buying a Home Gun Safe; Lightweight or Heavy, Storage, Locks, Modular & More

Practicing your skills and safety aspects on the range is important; whether you are taking advantage of the designated area to sharpen your skills for your career, competitive edge, or you are a concealed carry or simply one who enjoys recreational shooting. However, applying safety majors off the range is equally important and safe storage at home is crucial. We at Shooting Range Industries would like to take the opportunity to list a few tips and considerations when buying a gun safe to secure your firearms.

Considerations when Buying a Gun Safe

Size of gun safe: At the very least you need a gun safe to accommodate the size and quantity of your current collection. You want your ammo supply to also be stored in the safe as well. Handgun safes are usually small but do have room for limited ammo space. Bigger safes, however, give you the option to grow your collection and even invest in rifle or shotguns without having to buy another one later down the road. Consider configuring the space to fit in a closet so it isn’t out in the open and at the same time won’t eat up a lot of your space.
Locking mechanism types: Quality and high-tech locking mechanisms are a better investment. The point of securing your weapons is to not let them fall into the wrong hands. Consider the more advanced options that only you and authorized personnel can gain access such as gun safes that are accessible through password, thumb print, or even voice activation.
Fire protection: Fire protection feature is important as well as in the event of a fire you do not want it impact ammunition or damage your firearms. One that can protect against flooding and fire and can keep guns and valuable safe.
Gun safe price: Keep in mind that a guns safe is an investment. Instead of focusing on the price, it is better to focus on the safety, protection features, and quality of the safe. Some expensive options don’t provide durability or even some features as inexpensive options do so keep that in mind as you search for a safe.
Gun Safe warranty: Look closely at the warranty before you make any final purchases. Read the fine print and ensure the you have at least 1 year’s duration of a malfunction occurs. Some offer extended warranties that can last through a specific time period or even a life time warranty, which in the long run might be worth the extra cash to avoid future hassles and headaches.

Safe Gun Storage at Home

Whether you shop online or in person, take the time to read honest reviews. Do your homework. Know where you want the safe to be so you know the size limit. Learn about the features such as humidifiers, lighting and other accessories so you know what you are looking for ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from the sales rep or store clerk. Keeping your weapons safe at home should be one of your top priorities and you want a safe that is secure and durable.

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