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Tips for Preventing Firearm Theft; Hide Keys to Gun Safes or Storage Lockers & More

Gun theft is a top concern for all gun owners and not just because of the expense. If your firearms are stolen, another person can use your firearm to cause harm and commit other unlawful acts. This is why, as a part of gun ownership, comes the added responsibility of theft prevention. Shooting Range Industries will share some basic tips on theft prevention and how you can keep your firearms out of the wrong hands.

Gun Safe or Storage Locker

To start with, in most states it is not mandatory to have a gun safe or locker. Therefore, there are those who own guns and either can’t afford or choose not to obtain a gun safe or locker. Nonetheless, one of the best ways to keep your guns out of someone else’s hands is to acquire a good gun safe or locker. Of course just because your guns are locked in a safe or locker doesn’t mean your guns are completely safe. There have been many reported burglaries where the burglar took the locker or gun safe right out of the home or had tools to cut through some of the less robust gun lockers. That is why you will want to find a way to secure the safe or locker to prevent them from being rolled out of your home. Even the 500 pound safes can easily be taken with the aid of a hand cart.

Hide Keys to Gun Safes & Lockers

Another helpful way to prevent gun theft for those with locker or safes that use a key to gain entry, is to hide your keys. Obviously it doesn’t help to have the keys to your guns or ammo easily found. That is why you will want to make sure you put your key in a good hiding place where you can get to it easily in the event you need your guns for self defense, but no one else can find it. Additionally, never tell anyone but authorized users where your key is.

Don’t Let Friends or Families Borrow Your Guns

More often than not, guns get stolen when a friend or family member borrows them. In most cases when guns are lent out the one borrowing the firearm isn’t equipped to prevent theft and often they get stolen. In most cases it is a friend of the one borrowing the guns. They will take them and never return them. In many reported cases, these friends or family members sold them for quick cash. So it is best never to lend out your firearms. If you have a friend or family member wishing to try out your arsenal, it is a great excuse to spend another day out on the shooting range.

Don’t Store Guns & Ammo Together

As a gun owner you want to prepare for the worst. It is wise to not only prevent theft but also it is a great safety practice to store your ammo separately from your guns. It spells serious trouble if the guns and ammo are taken together. Now the thief has a loaded gun or guns ready to be used. You never want it on your conscious that your guns were used to kill or harm others. It may seem inconvenient to store your ammo away from your guns, but you don’t want to make it too easy for a burglar to have a loaded gun.

Report Stolen Guns

In the event your guns are stolen you will want to report it immediately to law enforcement. If possible, report the firearm’s serial number, make, model and caliber of the firearms stolen and any other information related to the robbery.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Firearms Practice & Training

Again, it is of the utmost importance to keep your firearms out of unlawful hands. Do your best to prevent gun theft. Shooting Range Industries hopes we were able to help provide some helpful tips to keep your guns safe.

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