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Tips to Improve Long Range Accuracy; Practice Shooting Stance, Grip, Trigger Pull & More

There are many tips offered by shooting experts for people looking to improve their skills. When it comes to long range shooting, there are many tactics that are applied all at once that result in the effectiveness of each shot fired. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share some tips on how you can improve your accuracy shooting long-range.

Point of Impact

You need to get a firm grasp on where the bullet should be once the trigger is pulled. The trajectory of a bullet is an arc and not a flat line out of the barrel, as most shooter know. Take the time to shoot at targets at 3, 5, 10, 15, and 25 yards away when shooting your handgun. You’ll have a better understanding of the point of impact as you record the grouping of the rounds. A rifle, equipped with one with high-mounted optics like an AR15 particularly, should be shot at ranges between 10 and 200 yards away. The point of impact at near point-blank ranges can help the shooter spot the difference, and further out.

Right Ammo for Long Range Shooting

The replenishment of spent ammunition is one of the biggest ongoing expenses a shooter has. A gun should last forever with proper care and maintenance, but the real ongoing expense is the ammo. Invest in plenty of practice ammo, if your budget doesn’t allow both ammo and the latest in gadget add-ons to your gun. If you are just targeting paper, do not opt for the high-tech ammunition, it is a waste. For now, shoot the same weight bullet you’ll eventually use in your weapon during hunting season or for self-defense.

Practice Shooting Stance, Grip & Trigger Pull

Work with a qualified instructor at a reputable gun range to create a repeatable stance, grip, and trigger fundamentals that offers the foundation for long range accuracy. Once done, hone the skills, keeping the fundamentals in check. Breath control and trigger manipulation are essential for rifle shooting, and handgun shooters should focus on a specific stance and grip on the gun.

Best Long Range Rifle or Gun

You can become a long-range shooter with nearly weapon of choice, from .44 Magnum revolver or .50 caliber handgun. Using a moderately powerful weapon as a training sidearm. 9mm pistols, you can find the potential firearm to better your long-term accuracy. You can eliminate bad habits like flinching and jerking the trigger with the mild recoil and the easy shooting application with rifles in the .223 – .260 caliber range. The U.S. Servicemen train with on .223 caliber AR15s because of their accuracy, reduced sound and the mild recoil. No matter which gun you choose, make sure it is a good fit for you.

Custom Shooting Range Design, Manufacture & Fabrication for Firearm Practice & Training

Maintenance is important. Just as important as perfecting your shooting skills, maintenance is equally essential for improving accuracy. Without a well cared for weapon, your practice, drills, and exercises are a wasted effort. A gun not properly maintained hinders your accuracy and skills. Be sure it is cleaned after every use, properly stored, and cared for while be transported. Use quality and applicable products only to make certain the wrong substances are not being used. Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information on our custom, portable modular shooting ranges for the ultimate in firearm practice and training convenience!

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