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Tips to Prevent Firearm Theft; Store Guns in Safes & Lockers Away from Ammo & More

For all gun owners, gun theft is a top concern, especially in the holiday season when theft in general increases. Not only losing the value of the gun, but the stressful concerns are if the thieves are using the firearms to cause harm and other unlawful acts. Theft prevention is another added responsibility that gun owners have. With this in mind, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to offer some basic suggestions to prevent firearm theft and keeping them from the wrong users.

Gun Safes, Lockers & Storage

Gun safes or lockers are not mandatory in most states. Where these options are ideal solutions, there are some effective alternatives to those who can’t afford or choose not to obtain a gun safe or locker. Additionally, just because they are locked in a safe or locker doesn’t guarantee their safety from experts that can hack the safes and lockers or find a way to roll them out of your home with enough opportunity. Ensuring you have fail safes and additional security in place to keep your weapons out of the hands of thieves is vital. For example, installing a floor or wall safe, where the safe cannot be easily removed from the premises. At the very least, try to keep the safe out of plain view. Making sure the locks are more complex, such as fingerprints and voice recognition can also help. Keys that access lockers and safes are ideally hidden away from the safes as well. Make certain the keys are in a likely spot where thieves won’t look, but they are accessible should you find the need for self defense measures. Be sure only authorized gun users have access to the key, and do not tell anyone who doesn’t need to know.

Store Guns Away from Ammo

Not only is it a great safety practice to store your ammo separately from your guns, but it can also help reduce theft. The thief has a loaded gun or guns ready to be used if you keep the guns loaded or store the together. Like with the safe key, be sure they are accessible to you, but not in a likely place thieves can find the ammo.

Report Stolen Guns

Surprisingly, when firearms are lent out to a friend or family member is when guns are stolen. When they are lent to a trusted friend or family member, these people do not typically have the security to prevent the theft. There are some friends who simply have an excuse, and never return the gun. In any of these cases, you need to report them as stolen as soon as you realize you are not getting it back. Should your security measures falter, and your firearms become stolen property, it is imperative that you file a report with law enforcement. Supply them all the details and information, such as the firearms’ serial number as well as the make, model and caliber of all the weapons taken from your possession. When you do all you can to prevent theft, you will reduce the likelihood of them being stolen and out of the hands of those who would use your weapons wrongfully.

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