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Tips to Spray Paint a Camouflage Pattern on Your M16, M4 or Other Rifle; Match Deployment Terrain, Protect Weapon & More

If you are a member of the military and you are looking to make your gear a little more tactical and better in the field you can use paint to add camouflage. The camouflage is a great way to add some looks to the weapon that will help you when you are out on a mission. The benefits of camouflage can mean life or death in a situation where you are up against unfriendly fire. You can get approval to paint your weapon from a superior officer and you want to be sure you have done some research on what terrain you will be in. Gather the materials that you want to use and get the area laid out.

Shooting Range Industries List Steps to Take When Choosing To Camouflage Your Weapon

What Terrain Will You Be Deployed in: If you are going to be deployed and you have your orders you need to do some research. You want to know what area you are serving in and the terrain that is around you. That will play a huge role in the paint you choose. If you are in an area that is green with lots of brush you are going to use different paint than a soldier that is serving in a desert area. Be sure you know the surroundings and what colors are the best fit for your weapon.
Get Permission to Paint Your M16 or M4: Before you alter your weapon that you plan to take with you to deployment you need to get the okay from your superior. They will go over any particular rules that you need to know about and it is your responsibility to you follow the officers instructions.
Prepare Your Gun for Paint: If you want a paint job that is going to last a long time you need to do the job right the first time. The weapon is a big part of your life when you are deployed and it is a great idea to have it in great working order. The weapon will need to be stripped down and any and all previous paint taken off the weapon. You also need to get the supplies lined up that you need to ensure that the job is done well. You want to have tape, gloves, paint in the right colors, ear protection and eye protection. You want to also be in a well ventilated area so that you are not breathing in the fumes that could make you feel sick.
Allow the Spray Paint To Cure: After the weapon has been painted and you are happy with the outcome, you need to practice patience. The weapon will need to be in area that is well ventilated and dry so that it can cure. This time is extremely important for the paint to last and the weapon to look great. Once you are happy with the weapon and it has had time to dry you can clean the weapon to ensure that any debris is out of the way.

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