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Top Reasons People Fail a Background Check when Purchasing a Gun; Conviction of a Crime, Arrest Warrant, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Illegal Alien Status & More

With Americans becoming more and more concerned about who can go out and purchase a firearm and what is required when you do, it may put you at ease to know that there are several reasons that a purchase for a firearm can be denied. The legal and law abiding citizens that are actually going through this process are most often not the problem with shootings and attacks but they are still being looked out and checked out before they are allowed to purchase a gun. If you go in to purchase a firearm, you are going to pay for a background check which usually takes 48 hours to confirm before you are cleared to buy the firearm that you want. If you are denied, the purchase will be canceled and you are out the money for the background check itself.

Shooting Range Industries lists reasons you could be denied the purchase of a firearm.

Conviction of a Crime: You can be flagged and denied if you have been convicted of a felony. This can also be true if you were convicted of a crime that was a misdemeanor and you were sentenced to more than two years. If you fill out your background check paperwork and do not report an arrest, you can be charged with a new felony since you swore that you filled the paper out correctly. You could be sentenced to five years for perjury.
Active Arrest Warrant: You may be surprised to know that there are several people that try every year to go in and purchase a firearm and the background check comes back that they are a wanted fugitive. If you have an active warrant for any reason whatsoever you are not allowed to purchase a firearm.
Domestic Violence: If you have ever been involved in a domestic violence case and you were arrested for your part in the situation you will be flagged. It can be a crime that was committed against any family member including a spouse or sibling.
Substance Abuse: If you have any admitted substance abuse problem with any kind of controlled substance at all you are going to be flagged and ultimately denied. Although this is not often the reason that a person is flagged, it is an absolute reason.
Protective Order: If you have been served a protective order due to some kind of violence you will not be approved to purchase a firearm. It is estimated that over 60% of intimate homicides are done with a firearm and because of that statistic, this is a red flag.
Illegal Alien: You need to be an American citizen or be documented to purchase a firearm. Anyone in the United States illegally will not be permitted to purchase a firearm and their background check will be denied.
Dishonorable Discharge: This has to do with the military and is handled in their own court. Instead of the person receiving a felony charge, they are often given a dishonorable discharge and will be denied the purchase of a firearm.

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