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Top Shooting Range Gear from SHOT Show 2018; Challenge Targets, BSF Barrels & More

Shooting Range Industries participates in the SHOT Show each year. During the SHOT show we were able to see the latest and most anticipated gear from firearm and related product manufacturers. From the latest trend in the firearm community, Shooting Range Industries would like to share some of the top gear you may want to look for during this up coming SHOT Show.

Top Shooting Range Gear List from SHOT Show 2018

Challenge Targets – Challenge Targets has an impressive line of targets that provide more than the standard 3/8” steel targets. Additionally, they provide a variety of affordable targets. They have traditional silhouettes, to reactive or resetting targets, along with stake or based style targets that have human shaped torsos, and hostage steel targets. Additionally Challenge Target has a variety of paper targets. They are one of the leading developers of steel targets. You can find Challenge Target product lines being used in military and law enforcement branches all over America and many civilians are using Challenge Targets to hone their skills.
BSF Barrels – BSF Barrels are well known for their carbon-fiber wrap barrels. The color and design of BSF Barrels carbon-fiber wrap barrels aren’t just pretty with their colors, and race-track oval ports, they are also efficient at cooling the barrel quickly. The precision cut oval port and jacketing is designed to create an amazing airfoil which helps cool the barrel far more quickly. Furthermore, the barrel design eliminates the possibility of delamination. They are also loaded under tension which helps create stiffness as the barrel warms up. Want to dress up your AR-10 and be able to dump two full magazines and not worry about the barrel overheating? Make sure to see BSF Barrels at the next SHOT Show.
Phoenix Weaponry – Want to go gun shopping? At the SHOT Show seek out Phoenix Weaponry and check out their .45-70 Auto AR-10. Phoenix Weaponry doesn’t always make an appearance at every SHOT Show. However their line of AR-10s is amazing. They have a few firearm products that are truly great designs. They are comfortable to use and superbly built.
The “Q” – Q, LLC fixed rile system is taking steps forward as one of the top leading design and inspirational thinkers of firearm manufacturing. They offer an array of AR designs and calibers and is becoming a major game changer in firearm development. When wanting to add firearms to your collection, they have a wide range of platforms that speak to hunters, duty men, and those seek personal protection. If you’re at the SHOT Show, seek out the “Q”.
Bino Dock – For those hunters riding in your ATVs or cruising around in an off road vehicle and wish they could keep their binoculars more handy, Bino Dock has a solution. Just about every vehicle has a cup holder. Bino Dock has a binocular holder that inserts securely inside a cup holder. There products have made hunter’s life easier for those who want quicker access to the binoculars. Visit Bino Duck to see their other products for the life of gunmen.

Indoor Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

If you are an industry professional, Shooting Range Industries hopes you’ll be able to attend the next SHOT Show and remember to visit some of the most anticipated gear these venders have to offer. For range superior custom indoor range designs, contact Shooting Range Industries.

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