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Traveling With a Gun & Transporting Firearms; Safe Passage Provision Under the Firearm Owners Protection Act

When you are ready to go out of town to visit a relative, attend a shooting competition, or heading to the Shot Show in Las Vegas NV for example; you may want to travel with your firearm. With the world seeming to fear more and more people that carry a gun, you need to be sure that you are following the laws for your safety and the people around you. These laws and regulations are set up to keep the public safe as well as protect the person’s rights that chooses to carry a gun. There are people that carry a weapon for reasons of safety, fun and competition; so with all these reasons to carry it is great to know what is expected of you. The best thing you can do is look into the rules about traveling with a firearm in the area that you are. You can also become familiar with the general laws that regulate the carrying of a firearm.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Factors to Consider When Traveling With Your Firearm

General Federal Firearm Transportation Guidelines: The standard guidelines do not have any law against transporting a firearm as long as it is being done lawfully. A person that lives in a particular place and wants to travel to another locale are allowed to under the Safe Passage Provision under the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA). The general way to transport a handgun, shotgun or rifle is to put it away and out of reach. It must be unloaded and the ammunition should be locked away as well. You cannot place the weapon in the glove box. Rather, you should place it in the trunk of the car to ensure it is not reachable while traveling. This is for the safety of everyone that is around while you travel such as other drivers and law enforcement. If you are in a vehicle that has no trunk, you can use a lockable box that can easily house the weapon. The only main law that stops you from traveling in a car that has a firearm is if you are a felon.
Map Path When Traveling With a Gun: Just because you have a general guideline to start with, it does not mean you are ready to go. The laws that govern traveling, possessing and firing a weapon is done by state or county. You need to set up a travel plan and map out how many places you will be traveling in or through. You may have some areas that are more lenient where others may be much more stringent. If you have an area that is going to block you from traveling through you may need to adjust your route. Be sure to map out each stop and area you will be passing through so that you can be in compliance while you are there.
Take A Concealed Carry Class: One way to help simplify your travel plans is to take the time to get your concealed carry permit. You must attend a class where an approved instructor will teach the rules, laws and techniques required to carry a gun concealed. This is a great idea to have for many reasons but a must if you are going to be traveling often with your firearm.

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