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Types of Situational Awareness for Shooters; Condition White, Yellow, Orange, Red & Black Meaning & More

Awareness is critical, especially for self-defense, shooting, and other hard skills using physical force. We may be able to see a potentially life-threatening situation starting to develop when we actively become more aware. Situations can be reacted to faster, deescalating intense scenarios, or even avoiding issues altogether. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to elaborate on situational, environmental and spatial awareness.

Condition White to Black

Awareness is defined as “the quality or state of being aware: knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.” Awareness can be broken down into categories that include Environmental, Situational, and Spatial awareness. There are a few mental states the mind can have, and it is important to understand. They are equalized to Jeff Cooper’s color codes of conditions which include:
1) Condition White – Unaware
2) Condition Yellow – Aware
3) Condition Orange – Alerted
4) Condition Red – Alarmed
5) Condition Black – Panicked

Everyday Situational Awareness

Being aware of who is in your vicinity and what they are doing is situational awareness. In a restaurant you are eating, you would notice everyone who is entering and leaving is an example of situation awareness is an example. During their stay, you are aware of the details of their attire, mannerisms and body language, their company, and even their conversations. Additional, situation awareness might even have you notice the food they order and any special requests.

Why is Spatial Awareness Important?

It is all about proximity with spatial awareness. Basically, the farther you are from danger, the more time you have to process the situation and formulate a more well-planned response. Consider how far from the exit or entrance you are, if there is hard cover points along the distance, how close gun shots or sounds of fear are, and most importantly, the safe use of cover and concealment is available to the offenders and entrance/exit points to help defend yourself and improve the odds of survival.

Environmental Awareness

Along with atmospherics, environmental awareness is paying attention to not only your avenues of egress, ingress, cover, and concealment. The vibe you get off the environment, whether it feels festive and friendly or can you sense tension and negativity are all included. Any hazards such as a slippery floor or uneven terrain you may be standing on as well as being aware of weather conditions are included in environmental awareness. How to properly defend yourself while standing on ice and snow. Know how the environment could affect your response or how your dressed on various flooring, such slick surfaces and dress shoes. We don’t tend to take into consideration these important details when we think of self-defense.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

Ultimately, when you carry, whether you carry firearms for work or as a conceal carrier, having awareness is critical. Taking the time to be more aware of your surroundings, innocent bystanders and potential threats in addition to the environment and other details all play a major in your training and real-life experiences. Be sure to apply such training in your shooting range practices. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges. Contact us to learn more today!

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