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Understanding Ammunition; Handgun, Shotgun & Rifle Caliber, Bullet Grain, Ammo Length & More

When it comes to handguns you want to make sure you understand all the parts. There are parts to the gun that you should know what it is and how it works. The more you know about your handgun the better you will be able to handle it and get more comfortable with it. Although knowing about the gun is important, it is not going to work unless you have ammunition or bullets. If you walk into a store to purchase a box of ammunition you may feel assaulted by the amount of options that there are to choose from. If you purchase the wrong type of ammunition for the gun that you are shooting it can be extremely dangerous. That is why you need to be sure you understand the options that are out there. Shooting Range Industries outlines what you need to know about ammunition.

Handgun, Shotgun & Rifle Caliber

One of the first things you need to know is the caliber of the ammunition. This is a term that uses the diameter of the ammunition. The ammunition that you buy has to be aligned with the measurement of the barrel of the gun that you have as well. The caliber is the main number that you will look for when you are buying ammunition. The measurement comes in millimeters and that is what you need to start with. The most common size of the handgun that is chosen is a 9MM. Although this is the most common size there are lots of other options as well. The other type of measurement that you will find for ammunition is hundredths of an inch. This is true when you are shooting a .22. You want to make sure you understand the handgun you chose and the size of the caliber.

Bullet Grain

You will also see other numbers on the box when you are choosing the right ammunition for your gun. The next thing you want to be looking for is called the grain. This is a term that is used to describe the weight of the ammunition. Grains is the actual measurement that is used and there are 7,000 grains in a single pound. The weight has a lot to do with when you shoot the gun and the recoil that you might get back. The most common weight of a 9MM bullet is 115 gr. You want to understand the grain and what would be the best option for you.

Ammo Length

Although the caliber or the diameter is important to the gun you also need to know the length that is needed. The length of the ammunition is necessary so that it will fit in the gun and fire safety. There are several lengths and the problem is that not each of them are not interchangeable. You need to be sure that the length is something that you need to know so that you make the correct purchase.

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